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A THOUGHT (Jimmy 幾米 D)

Jimmy 幾米 D

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Las Vegas, Nevada

August 13, 2010
  I write this with feelings of loneliness right now.  With a deep depression that makes me believe that the world is truly cruel.  There is no hope.  Am I the only one that has felt like this?  Am I the only one that ever thinks this way?  No way!
  It is all of us at one time or another that wanted to reach out to someone and find that there is no one there. To try and say words that fall on no ears, for everyone is wrapped up in their own lives and don't have time to care.  Oh my, is this the foundation which humanity is destined to follow?  To continue on a mission of "me" and to hell with everyone else?  Do we not have a heart, not only to pump our blood but to help us feel?  Do we not have a mind that allows us to think independently and to know that without the care and help of someone else, we are never truly going to succeed?
  If we think we don't need anyone than THINK AGAIN!  If you own a business, you need customers.  If you play music, you need people to hear.  If you write poetry, you need people to read.  If you need love, you need someone to care.
  There are way too many people that feel alone in this world and the one way, very simple way, to make others feel that they are important could be the simple task of someone listening.  Someone showing a little enough care for that person to carry on. 
  I have friends that care and show they have love for me as a friend.  I am so indeed a fortunate person.  I want my friends to know that I am here to listen, show I care and to share what little bit of knowledge I have.  To show humanity that there is a reason to go on.  My friends, I am here for you.
  As always, take care and remember that there is someone out there that cares for you.

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melissa said...

i have met the author and have found him living true to his words...

it's easier to give the "extras" in our lives...when everything goes well... but when we are asked to empty ourselves,that's were the challenge lies...

the world isn't cruel brother jimmy... we just have to be more creative to allow people to open themselves and to trust in the goodness that lies in the heart of every man...

i believe Someone greater than us truly cares and loves us... believe in that:)...God bless and we hope that you share more of your heart with us...thank you...