Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DREAMS (Silent Serenity)

Your rythmatic heart beats with a delicate musical note, With silhouettes dancing within your very soul! Imprinting colors absolutely so hypnotic to your eyes That your mind seems to wander to the heavenly skies Protecting your very innocence with every thought, With poetic touches which tingles your sense of self! Embrace every single urge which impels you to dream large Grip it with your naked soul and begin to take charge!

Created by me Leigh-Anne aka Silent Serenity

No dream is unreachable no matter the darkness that you may feel at times, let nothing stop you since you are the protector and creator of your destiny, let the love of family & friends & the love you have inside to print out your path & your future!

Till the next time take care my soulful friend!

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