Monday, January 28, 2013

Artistry of Vincent Navarro

Vincent Navarro
Baguio City, Philippines

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joan at MOWPAN and other FB Art Pages to see

A regular gallery visit is an essential ritual for an art lover like me. It keeps me in sync with  what's going-on in my chosen field.  Now that I reside here in Laguna, I no longer have the luxury of time to visit each every show. I simply rely now with the aid of cyber space. 
   Thanks to the Internet, it made Art walk accessible in just a simple click of a mouse and recently there sprouts many vibrant groups in Facebook alone that brings artisan and netizen closer together like WALO Visual Artist Group whose aim was to bring art closer to the heart of ordinary people; Kulay ng Pitong Lawa, an art group that aims to showcase the talent and beauty of Laguna especially the seven lakes of San Pablo and of course our very own Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share mantra in Tagged ArtLover Group...just to name a few.
   But there are some FB pages that truly stands-out. While others are just ordinary "LIKE" and comment Group, these pages have clear directions and dynamic activities.  
   Here are some commendable sites that one must see and regularly visit because of its uniqueness and clear direction... 
   4S-Style, Strokes, and Sketch Society were they regularly held friendly painting tournament with real cash prizes. You need invitation though to join these club of excellent artists. Headed by legendary master Noel David. One of the most active group now in Facebook with real organizational chart and concrete plans ahead for its member. 
   Speak your mind and learn the ropes or trick of the trade in Art-Attake,through the wisdom of another master Arturo Cruz. This is the place to be if you want real discussion and witty fun in it's forum type concept.   

   And now this time MOWPAN-Museum of World Portrait Artists Netopening another dynamic possibilities via the cyberspace. It's not just another facebook page but a virtual gallery conceptualized by  Turs Simsuangco and Caesar Sario.  
   On showcase from Jan. 25 to Feb. 7, 2013  Joan Honoridez  


Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Pick 020 (Mother and Child)

As an initial offering for 2013...we give tribute to the one that brought us in this world... Our focus on these Random Pick are every artist favorite subject a Mother and Child theme. 

We had here Jose Tolentino Jimenez, Seb Chua, Menchu B. Arandilla, Jimmy Tablante,  Vincent Gonzales,  and Mark Anthony Bello

Jose Tolentino Jimenez

Seb Chua

Menchu B. Arandilla

Jimmy Tablante

Vincent Gonzales

Mark Anthony Bello

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