Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Desire (Poetry by Leigh-Anne and Art by Fher)

What I Desire
Leigh-Anne Desjardins
November 9, 2009 at 5:22pm

Soft, sweet and sensual words of comfort
Forming melodies to soothe the lonely soul
That tender touch to penetrate the body
Something that beats the heart to feel whole

cold nights by Fher Ymas
Beautiful, precious are lyrics so sweet
Baby, darling with a positive tongue to whisper
Embracing your cheeks to gaze into your eyes
As small glistening tears begin to cry

Passion, warmth and soul based affection
Dedication, ecstasy with a delicate touch
Attracted with patience engaging no thought
Cuddling to your mind that is distraught

Breathing while entranced into the moment
The look of deep pure devotion calming your spirit
His enchanting smile speaking comfort to you
Brings you calming serenity which is overdue

Overcoming the life long fears which you battle
He shows you that this doesn't have to exsist
Will he be the one to conquer your sadness
Where loneliness became your lifes madness

Trusting the flight of freedom from your pain
Combining two solidated hearts to conquer
Where one single loving glance from his pure eyes
His tender touch on your cheek, as your fear dies

Copyright © 
Written by Me

You and Me (Poetry by Sancheeta Art by Melissa)

by Melissa Tandoc

You and Me  
Sancheeta Biswas 

you broke my self exile,

you evoke my retired brain,
i was walking in my silence,
you intrude love in loneliness again.

in the opening of a new day
 i come back to you before bed time.
 my heart opens to pour some love
 to connect your soul.
 i recognize myself in your existence,
 my non-existence finds a resistance.
 i adore myself. i adore you.
 i love you in your presence, in absence.
the ecstasy burn too deep, pain to relief.
 you open up your desires, 
i try out my freedom in your passionate wine. 
i am afraid, my every Blood Red,
in love with your breathing thread. each time.

 you arose me,
 i tear up my net in you and our symposium,
 in search of power and strength.
 in search of you.
 you are in me.
 you in eternity.

Read More about Sancheeta click HERE

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Commentaries and art sharing on ArtLover

The past days there are some lively exchanges of idea and commentaries at Tagged ArtLover Group on its Facebook page...some of these remarks are nourishing or I should say quite surprising. It was unexpected and I think it would be worth immortalizing here, so we can look back and peek into the minds of art lovers. Some are quotable quotes that render varied points of views regarding an artworks or affirmation of "LIKE(s)" on certain posts. 
  As Fher Ymas had said "wisdom are often found in unusual places..." and this includes the networking sites. Our profile picture are regularly change to presents art works from our members...hopefully to gain likes and critique. Here are some:
by Frank Powell

Kaye Lasola 
This is how I see it...The angle of the head slightly bows signifies... she does not have the courage to look at what she's doing...The closed eyes signify discomfort... The curve lips signify...the lady is on the verge of crying, she might be doing it against her will... The two arms closed to the body signify unhappiness, unsafe feeling, nervousness... And the main point of that art is her breast...not the lady herself....

Maheshwar N. Sinha AGGRESSIVELY BEAUTIFUL.... I cannot stop to write something....everyone can create something,,, but it's the way...just it's here... one of great goals of recreation/art is to sublime our passion, you got there... million thanks to Powell! This art has just hanged me--I'm dead man! Is there anyone to save me...(:

Portia Burton Her tresses remind me of the poisonous adder that bit Cleopatra's breast to put her to eternal sleep!

Melissa Tandoc I agree on both sides...artists have a responsibility to the viewers... we cannot put things together and then call it art... on being artists, I think everyone has the capacity to create but not all engage in doing so... it also takes talent.There is sacredness in art. On that matter, I say, that not everything that we draw, paint or sculpt "nude" is art...;)

Nude painting isn't the only concern for moralist. Even without nudity it can be classified as a smut if it shows filthiness and absurdity. Do we need censorship too in Painting? Of course that would be too could mean violation of our freedom of expression BUT then again some freedom are abused...

Maheshwar N. Sinha Philosopher, painter, writer Khalil Zibran's paintings mostly were nude, nudity also suggests purity, yes, Khalil's paintings never looked 'nude' in worldly way...,

by Portia Burton
Melissa Tandoc molto bella Portia Burton :)

Maheshwar N. Sinha really really nice work, inspired but there is something brightened in it, congratulations! color contrast is my personal liking, you've it!

by Razali Abdul
Portia Burton when your lines can make music like this painting, why do you need metallic music?

by Maurice Dolezal
Fher Ymas Visual Artist interesting piece...the triangular approach gave that dimension of height and gravity.

by Fher Ymas

Portia Burton oh,what a composition!the half-page layout is intelligent.
by Janina Cross Medina

Cindy Cynch Thank you so much Fher for sharing my daughter's artwork in your group...this anime drawing is copied only from her favorite Manga Artists Compilation...

Melissa Tandoc That's a good start Cindy Cynch...She'll find her own style as she experiments on other things ;)...good luck and thanks for supporting the group :)

Portia Burton I'd recommend Janina not to develop her art in her mother's shadow.She should explore her own potential.This has helped me,so I want the same for Janina!

by Maurice Dolezal
Portia Burton the strength of this painting lies in the subject's intense eyes which have been done superbly!Salute!

Hemant Kumar congrats to Serena....she has done very nice and appriciable work...compositionwise,frame and colour selection....her work diserve ..for appriciation and wishes...

My 5 years old daughter even get a review of her own work too...

by Elyona Jean Ymas
     Kaye Lasola I look at it as an Egyptian Robot Puppy with a witch hat and a baby crawling :).... or two kids sat down (still with a baby crawling), the heads of the two kids collided with the car....I'm trying to think as a 5-year old this time ^_^...

   To join our forum or simply want to browse for more art works follow our page and  be a member...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maurice Dolezal Oil Painting

Lover of Nature and people Maurice Dolezal lives in Kapellen, Belgium. His basic medium is oil paint and he like walking the dogs 
and "Always look at the bright side."


Monday, June 6, 2011

Inside My Art Partner's Heart

   I remember a couple of month ago when I told Melissa to start making her own blog. This is just a no non-sense encouragement because I saw her passion in writing and this includes her innate ability to speak her heart in words. I am not saying this because she is my partner in building Tagged ArtLover Group but of pure admiration to her multi-faceted personality. Tell me who can play guitar and  piano so well and yet paint beautiful pictures? That was not all and I am about to tell you why ArtLover Group is lucky to have her as Co-Administrator.
Melissa's Passion...
   I've only known Melissa for a little less than 2 years. She was just an unfamiliar networking friend among the hundreds from Tagged social sites. Her photo just sits there among the members of Tagged ArtLover Group forum page, until she start pouring in great ideas and little anecdotes to the group. She expounded, challenges and extracted my Art of Realizationism. Through those exchanges of ideas and moot-pointing that are not at all that smooth with some little variation on perceptions and beliefs, I begun to notice her sincerity and passion in her chosen fields. The group forum page survive because of Melissa and the evolution into creating !! Tagged ArtLover Gallery !! came from her suggestion to have a single profile page for our members.
   She has kept the group alive, especially during those time when my computer shut down for a month or two. Taking care of the gallery by sending luvs, answering messages, and religiously greeting celebrants. The most surprising feat Melissa did for the group was compiling every detail Tagged ArtLover went through by writing a bulletin of our chronicle for the first anniversary celebration. She was indeed God send for the group for I could not have able to do all the big plans for the group without her. 
   The most touching part was when she was even reluctant to accept a job for it might conflict her time and devotion to our group activities. It was so selfless of her, knowing we are doing this for FREE. Being so true to our core vision to C.U.R.E.S. and the deep love for art. ArtLover? I can say, all the qualities are within my art partner Melissa.
   I had asked Melissa to go out from her comfort zone and create more meaningful artworks than just doing portraits (I myself is also guilty of), she had some great composition, but at times she had the tendency to play it safe. It is so nice to see, that lately she is pushing the limit of her creativity and are now coming up with her signature style. 
   What I would like to focus though here are her blog. Blog world had became a better place to visit since my friend Melissa came. Honestly, her blog had that specially quality that speaks from the heart without reservation. Depth, was an exact title for her blog, for deep within her innermost thoughts she is able to paint a beautiful landscape and seascape of her soul. There is always that touch of romantic nostalgia and the undeniable closeness to her faith. Central also her closeness to her supportive family and friends. Learning along the way and admitting the weakness of self. Depth is a blog worth revisiting for reflection, not just of one's self but of the world.
   From your partner in creative spirit...FherMission

   To visit Melissa's blog follow this link: 

   Tagged ArtLover would also like to thanks  Linda Flagg, Coenen Theo, Raymond K, Marzuhan, Shiela K, Suzana Dancks, Serena Flowers,  Maheshawar, Jessica Dancer and Babis Kiliaris and all its members for sharing there gift with us.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Inspiring Aaron Outward

What would you do if you found out you had an acute Leukemia? Hit the streets, Take photographs and write an inspiring blog. That is exactly what you will discover on Aaron Outward: A Reflective Glimpse into my Ongoing Journey with Acute Leukemia , daily this blog chronicles street scene according to his very keen eye. The blog aims to do 365 days of photos that on my own opinion often taken for granted, but by having them caught on film caught our attention to take a deeper look. The same way Aaron photograph images in reflective detail of what is inside his heart in that moment.
   The blog is full of reflections and lessons learned along the way while capturing amazing composition of endearing photographs. There is also a page dedicated about his struggle as a Leukemia victim and some tips and link to assist people about the disease, like how to manage an active lifestyle during Chemotherapy and My Secret to beating Chemotherapy.  
   The amusing thing about this blog is how he manage to give us anecdote with a touch of humor. Aaron also able to clear some myth and fallacy by giving us medical detail on laymen terms. He was able to explain complex process and definitions in easy to understand English is an amazing feat. Perhaps, experiencing the pain almost daily will give you the enlightenment to at least know what it going on inside you. 
   Winning a "Bloscar" for Most Helpful Blog says it all.

   To follow Aaron Outward:

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Studio is Published by Lisa Schmidt

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

My Studio Is Published!
Well I can finally talk about another exciting moment for me as an artist !  Way back in January I had received the most amazing e-mail from the editor of one of my fave magazines  

Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS    Catherine Prato!  I almost fell off my chair !  I had responded to a question on the fan page which read, "Do you share your studio space with your daughter, or other family member?"  I answered that I shared my studio with my very creative daughter Michaela.  That was it.  Short . Sweet.  I never in a million years thought it would amount to this .  The e-mail suggested I send in some photos and a write up about my space and because it was in the middle of January and it was soooo snowy and cold.... I freaked out!   I called a good friend of mine Alan Woodworth to take the photos and sent in an old photo of my studio in summer.  I really wish I had more time or had better photos of my cabin in say.... JULY!!  But it was a decision I had to make and so I sent what we could in as quick as I could.  It was a good decision.  

Portia's Watercolor

Portia Burton

Portia is from London, UK...

Letting go of whats holding you back (Brooks Palmer)

   I must admit I'm guilty of this crime, I had the tendency to keep things I don't really need. Aside from the fire hazard and nook for pest, it is also an eye sore and making my small house even smaller. 
   Luckily there is Brooks Palmer who can help us out on this mess. Aside for being a comedian and an artist he can help you out with the emotional pain attached in your junk. He will guide you the way to your trash cans without tears in your eyes, or at least have that sense of victory.
   If you are ready you can hit the link below:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Survivor by Alpana (Artwork by Babis)

Alpana Jaiswal

There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears
Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years

Innocence is no longer there
Just taken away
Struggling to deal with it, thinking to be free someday
Tries to tell someone but no one believes her cries 
Just another young girl getting some attention through lies

Sitting alone under the night sky so black
Nobody knows what she's holding back
Looking up at the stars so high
Sometimes she wishes she could melt into the sky

Out of her eye drops a single tear
As she realizes she has to face her worst fear
Hidden from view her silent tears flow freely

This horrible pain has gone on far too long
She tries to forget as she hums her own little song
She blocks out the sound with hands on her ears 
She closes her eyes and tries to forget her fears
The screams are getting louder and louder
Soon it will be time and she can stand it no longer

He holds her close
His voice so soft
His tempting, careful praise
Promises, promptings, guidance
So He could have his ways
Ignoring her naivety
Blind to her trusting eyes
Devouring her
Leaving wounds which no one can see

Filled with confusion
Torment and undeserved shame
Her child hood stolen

Why does she feel ashamed?

Where does this stop
What kind of a world 
What kind of place
She can't control what happened to her

The Pain 
The Hurt
The Anger
Will it all leave her one day…..

Co-Written by Jessica Brant

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