Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music of Carmina Topacio

Music is my passion and my world. I'm glad that I get to share my music on youtube. I don't sing for the heck of it, I sing with my heart.
I want my music to speak to people.. Just like how a song, when you listen to it, can change everything; the way you think, the way you feel. It's amazing how it can say everything that's inside you. When it has the the perfect lyrics and the perfect tune that will feed your soul and enable you to have a moment of clarity. I want to be able to write something like that. I want to write something that can change things
for the better and I want to sing songs that will matter to people."I am an aspiring music artist. :) I like singing and making videos because it's fun and it's kind of like my sweet escape. I currently have my own youtube channel.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Note by Melissa

The following note was original posted by Artner Melissa on our Tagged Journal in conjunction with  Tagged ArtLover Group's 2nd anniversary. I am also taking this opportunity to give my special thank to her, because without her this artist community would have not reach this far because of her passionate support and co-administration. Also not to be discounted are the support of ArtLover's all across the globe that keep our pages and sites alive. 
   Here are series of journal entries from my co-administrator Melissa:

Tagged ArtLover's Thanks Giving part 1 
15 hours ago
While our friends in the US celebrated Thanksgiving last week, Fher and I have been planning ours for this day, 29th of November 2011. This 'date' marks not only Tagged ArtLovers' Second Anniversary ~ the birth of our group page, but also the beginning of a deep and creative relationship among artists all over the world.

I browsed our past journals and realized how much we have grown as a family. We started out with our Tagged friends ~ the 'best artists' we know: 

 Linda Flagg (USA),Theo Coenen (Belgium), Kevin Hayden (Ireland), Maurice Dolezal (Belgium), Leigh-Ann a.k.a Silent Serenity, Sheila Kline (USA), Lawrence Tyler (Ohio), Seb Chua (Philippines), Babis Kiliaris (Greece)

Thanks Giving part 2: Widening Tagged ArtLovers Vision 
14 hours ago

We shared our artworks on the page and discussed how we could go about as a group with a vision and a mission. Again, as I wrote earlier, OUR vision is in line with the Pope's invitation in 2009 for artists to speak to the human soul... more than an exhibit show, we encourage friendship among the members. 

Fher presented CURES (Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share) as our official Vision Mission (statement is posted in our profile page)

As such, the group was not structured to sell artworks but to promote and share the members' unique skills and talents not only in drawing and painting but also in the different fields of art: dance, photography, poetry, sculpture, music, etc.

From Tagged to Facebook: Thanks Giving part 3 
13 hours ago

I was a witness as to how Fher innovated and renovated our page from the boxes, to artists' interviews to slideshows to finally reaching out to people through another social networking site ~ Facebook.

From a hundred, the group rose to two hundred or so members. I never saw it coming because most artist friends decided to become independent and solo to enhance their crafts. We left our doors open to all those who were willing to share themselves and devote time to art and friendship.

Thanks Giving part 4 
13 hours ago
I create this space to thank Fher, my Artner and friend for two years. I have learned a lot from him not only in painting but also in human relationships. I thank God for our contrasting views at times ~ he was the extrovert administrator who promoted our  page and related with artists and friends while I mellowed a bit in browsing art works and keeping a huge number of followers.

He was also the one who introduced me to the blogging world ~ my infinite gratitude ARTner.

We thank Ms. Linda Flagg, for her continuous spiritual support and contribution to our page as well as ALL our artists who gave themselves generously and shared their works to us.

Thanks Giving part 5 
13 hours ago
To our friends and fans who kept our page alive with their comments, tags, luvs, winks and messages esp. to Linda, Raven Myth, Gabriela, Mary R Poet, Isabela ~ Thank you !

and to all those whose names were not mentioned...to those who worked quietly behind the scenes ~ liking comments and visiting our fan page, Facebook profile and blogpage ~ Thank you !

Thanks Giving: A Challenge to Become Fruitful editdelete
13 hours ago

I had one last look at our past journal and thanked God that as Artists and carriers of life, we have become fruitful :)  



wishes from Fher, Melissa and Linda (29 November 2011)

To read more journal entry from our member go to our tagged page at http://www.tagged.com/artlovergallery

wishes from Fher, Melissa and Linda (29 November 2011)

Thank you so much ArtLover!
Your daily visit on this page is enough to keep us going. Without those comment and post of course would have dissolved this community a long time ago. Even those silent gestures of Liking our artworks, was enough to inspire creative juices. So, keep those reactions coming...and our artisan and friends will fill your daily cyber life with beauty of creations. -- Fher

2nd Anniversary Collection Video


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bueno Silva

When Painting, you can use any colors!!!

Bueno Silva
 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Newly Renovated Profile Gallery


For our 2nd year Anniversary (Nov 29) we are currently updating our Profile Gallery on Tagged.com, the social site where our humble art community begun...
   At this stage we are adding some of our active supporters on Facebook, not just artisans but our avid friends as well. Get to know also the founding members of the group. There are New members we have added on corner for Photographers, Singers, Painters, FB Friends Box etc...

The page is now available for preview. 

   We love to hear from you...any comments or suggestions please call our attentions if there are any error or misrepresentations. 
   We shall be including more friends on the list, so if you don't see your profile on the gallery please bear with us. You can poke me or directly send post on our wall so we would remember you (Just in case we overlook)


To be heralds and witnesses of hope for humanity through artistic expression.
CREATE artworks and performances that will speak to the human heart, give hope and broaden the horizons of knowledge.
UNITE all artist in different areas of specialties & breaking the barriers of prejudism thru friendship, dialogue and cooperation.
RESPOND to social issues as an active citizen of the world; such as promoting environmental awareness, uphold human rights; among others...
ENLIGHTEN mankind by understanding each individual's uniqueness, regardless of race, color, or beliefs.
SHARE to the world the beauty of God's creation.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adrian Riccio's Art

Adrian Riccio

Lawrence Tyler's Art

Lawrence Tyler
Cleveland, Ohio

Modern Tatar Art

by Sofia Tatar Art

Tatar culture is the northern branch of common Muslim culture, which till the 20th century was mainly oriented to ornamental adornment of 
family life, national costume, and spiritual culture spheres, such as book adorning art and shamails (decorated sayings which were taken from Koran and made in arabic calligraphy) creature.
From the beginning of the 20th century firstly by means of Tatar periodical press (drawing), then by art education (Kazan Art School), the ideas and practice of Europe and Russian Decorative arts start to extend. Human being image is the core of this trend.
The 70-80th of the last century is the flourishing of Tatar realist decorative arts. In the end of the 20th century Tatar population art instilled into Tatarstan art and as a result all main tendencies of Tatar van-guard and modernist style has got large development.

Sofia Tatar Art