Friday, February 4, 2011

The Battle of My Worlds (Silent Serenity)

(Originally Posted on TAGallery Journal on July 2010)
Days running into each other, one after another
Same routine, same moment, same tireless joining second
Life passing by without a second thought of what went by
Overwhelming busy schedule without a chance to breathe

Inhaling each & every memory to make the seconds sacred
Enjoying the beauty around while embracing the moment
Quietness so surreal you can hear the heartbeat of life
Treasured to the soul where time is at a stand still

Judgemental voices to cruel to go on with your day
Snickering, evil, hurtful with unforgivable attacks
A tremendous push with no sight of whose in the way
Ungratefulness to the core with piercing eyes so empty

A gentle hand lifting you up to reach the forever sky
Speaking words to brighten up every inch of your soul
Laughing, smiling & joking about life that is so bright
Making every attempt to keep you close to the heart

Knowing all that is good in your life will soon leave you
Getting close to only have it walk out on you forever
Engulfed with the most loving feelings of others
Treasuring the most real & honest memories of your life

What do you want from me
I only survive in the real world
But I live in my dream world
Don't give up on me

Written By Me
Leigh-Anne aka Silent Serenity

We all have the battle of worlds in our life! The real world is always something we have to survive but always keep your dream world close to your heart because I promise you can keep two worlds going together! It's the difference between our madness or our sanity! Both keep us strong! Keeps us honest with ourselves & others and it keeps our compassion for life & others growing strong! Keep smiling for me hun with Silent hugs & kisses for my mystical friend! xox

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