Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Revival; 4th Year of C.U.R.E.S.

 Our humble group is now going 4 years old. These past days or even months our blog had not been regularly updated due to various reasons and hectic schedules of your Administrator. Anyway, last year we created a video collection of our avid members and supporters (see 2nd Anniversary video). 
   In that same passion we are sharing to you another excellent collection which includes latest active members. It pays to visit our page regularly...we have committed ourselves to promote the interest of Art Lovers worldwide through simple sharing and discussions using our resources of blogging and social networking. The increase of your creations visibility is just one of our ways to empower each and every individual talent within our circle of friends.   Our international membership both in Facebook and widen the scope of your artistic possibilities. 

   For our New members info we actually celebrate our foundation day every November 26. 
   Tagged ArtLover Group was formed by a small band of blogger and art enthusiast via the internet on the social site Tagged.Com henceforth the name was taken. WE had an Online gallery on the same site called Tagged ArtLover Gallery ( We suggest you visit this site to give you an idea what we had been doing since 2009 especially the journal box where we have chronicled our small steps. In the next few days, we will try to revive this site with updated pictures, videos, promotions, etc...

   We aim to give our members the best experience by simply joining our community and these is all for FREE. No obligation whatsoever, we do these all for love and to be true to the core values we have set in our Mission and Vision.


To be heralds and witnesses of hope for humanity through artistic expression.
CREATE artworks and performances that will speak to the human heart, give hope and broaden the horizons of knowledge.
UNITE all artist in different areas of specialties & breaking the barriers of prejudism thru friendship, dialogue and cooperation.
RESPOND to social issues as an active citizen of the world; such as promoting environmental awareness, uphold human rights; among others...
ENLIGHTEN mankind by understanding each individual's uniqueness, regardless of race, color, or beliefs.
SHARE to the world the beauty of God's creation.

We BLOG!!!
Create a wider scope  and exposure for your Artistry or simply enjoy art from our members....

Please feel free to send us your comment and suggestions


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