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Guzin Atil Akdemir 
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Frank and the Bluejay

There's always a story behind every artwork...some paintings are created to signify respect of nature, or some for adoration of beauty; some to resonate our spiritual self, while others to scream our sentiments, yet this particular artwork that Tagged ArtLover Group will present to you on this article is a story of friendship beyond the ordinary. 
   It is the behind the scene story of a Bluejay painting done by Frank Powell. A monumental exchange of gratitude between an artist and a dying creature. Frank will always be thankful for the memories the little soul gave, while the bird will cherish way beyond death his last days with a loving artist.

   The following is that touching story from the artist himself:

 Hi all of you Artists and Art lovers 

there is a touching storry to todays Artwork, and i Promised to tell the storry behind that 

little bluejay bird.

we found him sitting outside in the snow... he couldend fly no more old at the end of 

his days waiting on his end to come.

Bluejays are very shy birds ... so i was talking very calmly to him as i walk over to him and 

picked him of the ground ... that little soul was shiffering and only have way alive.

i took him inside .. gave him some food and a warm place to be ..

it took some time, but we became friends he even cuttled with me ... staid on my shoulder
... and i tried to make his last days as easy as posible for him.

he even got some life back and he enjoyed walking around ( couldend fly no more ..just to

 old ) ... and liked beeing peddet... so we shared a few very nice days .. and i felt so 

blessed that this little soul shared his last days with me ..trusting me ..seeing me as a friend 

knowing that i was trying to help him ...he gave me so much ... it ment so much to me that

 a wild and very shy bird trustet me.

as his little heart gave up on him .. i held him in my hands giving him back what i got from

 him ... sharing moments in live beeing there for each other ...he peacefully went from us

 ... closed his eyes .... to finaly be free again ... still getting wet eyes as i am writing this this is a very touching storry that just happend ..

may the wind carry your little soul to a better place.

i hope this storry toucht you ..the way it toucht me

Frank Powell is from Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Want to know more about the artist? Visit the following link:

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