Friday, August 19, 2011

Black and White

by Jim Brandano
No this is not Michael Jackson's song...which is by the way a very inspiring song. This blog will be presenting images that will also inspire our members in spite of its lack of colors. 
   I've chosen the following images on this blog for one main reason...or let us say two, being Black and White. The images here I believe would lessen its drama when we dab color in them.
   B and W pictures always give to me that classic feel. I can't avoid not to think of my father, who as a camera man would crawl to his dim lit inner sanctum he called "dark room" and would not allow me and my sister to enter because of the said toxic fume. But maybe that depends on his mood because there were times I remember that he would let us in and allowed us to watch him perform magic.
   Those rare instances inside the "dark room" were sort of a mystery to me. Maybe until now. Of course I knew by now that those chemicals create reactions on paper after being expose by light. But the mystery to me was how those images came to life. Yes it came to life. I'm not sure how I would be able to express this vagueness...colored picture don't gave me this kind of chills and thrills. In spite of modern technologies attempt to create images that rival the human eye, I still admire photographs done in Black and White.
   Why? Maybe in B and W photos I can distinguished the shadows very easily. Actually, it was those shadows forming the images and eventually suggesting  some texture that made me the more baffled. Again maybe Black and white images triggers our brain to imagine more from the less. 
  It is to me I supposed more difficult to execute since you are given only two tone to work with. If its too dark, then necessary images will not be distinguished. If too white then we get very little of the subject. 
   Black and White photos in my opinion are the real photographs. It saves us from the malice of colors but Allowing our brain to imagine more...
   Colored photographs gave me that sense of finality in terms of realism. While Black and white on the other hand are mere suggestions...Am I seeing the truth or not? Is it mud or cake? Those kind of questions that arises which colored images already revealed. I hope you are following me...
   Anyway, I'll just let these photographs speaks where language fails.

by Hemant Kumar
by Aaron Offord
by Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor

by Mari Sterling Wilbur


हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

I think black and white photos are more effective and imprassive in comprision to color..and we can play more and more with our creativity in black and white photos...
Please do one correction in this post..actually this photo is not exposed by me...i taken it from net for posting with my please correct it.
Best wishes.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Fher - thank you for including one of my images here! I'm honored. I studied b&w photography in college in the early 70s along with other types of photography and also art. The thrill of the darkroom was the most captivating. First to see your image come to life in a pan of chemicals on photographic paper. Then dodging and burning to get the most out of the photograph, it is magic! I have notebooks of b&w negatives in sleeves and lots of prints - several of my kids hanging in frames on my walls. I wonder if some of my prints would scan very well - will have to give that a try and post them :D Again - thank you for including me here with these other terrific photographers.

melissa said...

Thanks Fher for seeing things in black and white... It is simply amazing how it could be so beautiful in its simplicity. It works best for street photos and I've been seeing a lot of our photographer friends sharing their B &W images in their blogs.

Thanks Mari for sharing a lot. Wow...magic!

I truly adore that image of the wedding couple by Jim Brandano. Aaaron Offord's one of the best for me. Mari's works give a classic taste. Syed's experimental works are admirable. He really has an eye for beauty.

Geez Hemant, I should be more aware of your interests. I didn't know you take images too... I like how you captured life in that photo.

Thanks for sharing :)

FherYmas said...

Oh, anyway Hemant I just found that amazing photo in your profile. I think I'll just cap it as "shared by Hemant Kumar" still, thanks for having this with us.
Thanks Mari for sharing those tid bits and I love to see those images soon, if ever.
Thanks Artner Melissa for sharing your ideas on these.