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Einzig Art by Harpreet Oberoi Behl

Harpreet Oberoi Behl
Dubai, UAE

Gina Apostol and her Artistry

Gina Apostol
Iloilo City, Philippines

The Arts of Andre Feltz

Andre Feltz
Neidercorn, Luxembourg

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's Eating The Art Communities?

  I don't usually talk or post about myself on this blog, this site was dedicated solely for the promotions of ArtLover Members and never to brag about my artistry...but this time, allow me to talk a little something about myself since it's my birthday anyway...actually I would still be talking about "you" guys and gals since you've been part of me since we started this group. Some realities one must understand when they chose to take this path...for the chosen few.
   For many days I have not written a blog, concentrating mostly on my artworks and face painting gigs. I still do visit, our FB page every now and then...make small updates but Not that frequent anymore. It seems the cycle is returning from where I've started...or ended. 
    Tagged ArtLover Group signify a new phase in my life. It was the initial step I made towards my re-dreaming after I've left the corporate life. Re-inventing myself to be an artist again...Well, does one lost its gift or passion?  

    I kept telling myslef not to wane...and thank God those daily "Likes" and positive comments kept me revive.   
    No one knew that these past days or even months, despite my prolific enthusiasm in creating artworks...I'm slowly beginning to feel frustrations. The life I've chose after all, is a lot harder than I thought. I have so much passion to endure the travel, the sacrifices...even if it would take years BUT to discover the dirty side inside the art circle made me off balance. The power struggle, that I can not take...I realized there were social outcasting happening in Philippine art scene. 

   I remember the early days of Tagged ArtLover was just a simple community then of artist...This was well summed up by ARTner Melissa last year in her article Depth: An Open Letter to my Artner (Click HERE to read) Like any other group, especially when you put together creative people...its unavoidable to have debate. Sometimes the debate ended not in a mature acceptance. So people leave...some just take a graceful exit.
    The total reverse of CURES ( Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share ) is happening within the artist communities in and out of Facebook.

   The other day I have had a chat with one of the premier artist. She's one of those passionate woman in bringing the arts closer to each and everyone here and abroad together with his husband. I have learn also from her that she too had some frustrations...about the powerful struggle inside the art world. The dirty politics played within art enthusiast and the shameless descrimination to other artist. 
   In spite of her good intentions she was still hurled with insults and even curses. Why is this happening? 
   In one group I've visited just last night, there was some war of words between the middle of its long thread I've stop reading...I can not allow myself to dip in that discussions or quarreling. "Choose your battle, Fernando." whispered the voice of my Tatay from the grave. I think these war of words deserve to be six-feet under.
   Also, I just saw another friend posted a picture on his Timeline while he burned his own artworks, whatever the reason, I dare not ask. I just couldn't believe that those beautiful works are gone into ashes.

   Well, life continues for me...anyway....will I be shaken? God will give me strenght to endure the harsh realities and remind me to stay grounded. 


Title: Creative Overflow "When The Lunatic Speaketh"
Acrylic 9X12

Erase! Erase! Let's forget about bad vibes. Hey! It's my Birthday. I would like to mention the effort one of our Admin; ARTner Melissa in putting up that wonderful video, what a tribute for me and I feel I'm not worthy of such recognition. Thank you so much and I will cherish it forever. 
Thanks that I have become an inspiration to some of  you. Kept telling to some of you NOT to call me "idol" but you insist, so Okay let's not argue anymore on that matters. 
Thank you so much also to those loyal members who regularly drop by to our page and even to this blog. Just keep on sharing, never mind if you don't get that much like or approval...remember that you are doing this for yourself and not for others. If I may request, as a birthday gift, please re-visit our Vision and Mission statement. I've just realized that the Artworld needed to be reminded of these. 

More than three years ago I painted this picture below..."After The Storm" almost the same time Tagged ArtLover Group was form....and now the inspiration of this work re-awaken my spirit... 

After The Storm
(Praga family collection)