Friday, February 18, 2011


   I think I should make a step by step guidelines to maximized the use of Tagged ArtLover Connection page so you wouldn't get tangled or lost in the many services it offered. This would also give helpful tips if you are planning to create a blog; something I am continuously learning using Web Log or simply blog.
   First let us discuss the element in our HOME PAGE. On your first visit I suggest you sign up at the top of the page, the one in light blue with Google Friend connect Icon. This will also be a sort of welcome chat box you can utilized to meet other people. It is your personal social bar. If you wan to talk to someone, you can use the format @ before the name (i.e. @TAGallery: Hello...) or simply greet the group or something like a forum page, only in shorter and concise manner.
   After the site Banner you see the page/s bar with this words HOME, FORUM, UPDATES, Blog Promotions, Games...We shall be adding pages in the future but for now let us focus on these linking pages. In our HOME page you'll see our welcome notes and some background why the site is created. You'll see on your right an image of ArtLover banner, you can click it and it will open you to ArtLover Group Blogs (This site) under that photo is the Members list, where one can sign up to join. You can click each image to see co-members profile and if they are a blogger, you will see  pop-up Links to their sites. I suggest you add them as friend as well, for I always believe in the law of connection, no matter what happen, we will never know we might need the other person in the future. So don't be rude to them. 
   Now let's return to the message on the left. You'll see photos there and this images can be click and it will link you to our sites. You can have the option to join there too which I recommend. Our tagline under it Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share will direct you to our Complete Vision and Mission. Next if you want to promote a blog you push "Promote Blog Here" it is link to the Blog Promotion page, don't get mad...if you see instead I bring you directly to Forum page to apply your blog. I am teaching you the virtue of patience. No actually, we must learn to appreciate other Bloggers first before we get compliments, this will give you also an overview on how your promotion will appear plus the list are your future client so I suggest you make comment there and add your signature site. Oh we are jumping already, Now we can turn the page to Forum.
   FORUM. Our forum is limited to 5 Category so I hope you choose wisely where to put your query. They are Welcome, News, About Your Arts, Promote your Blog for FREE, and Off-Topic. The simple rule in our forum page is Respect. Type your message as you would communicate to a human being and not merely treating them as computers. Under each category you can either make reply or start a topic. You may capitalized font of a word or two to stress a point but please don't over do it--for these may appear as you are being RUDE. Here is where you can promote your blog/s.
   To promote a blog/s you can enter details about the blog. Why this blog should be included...don't enter the whole article, just a summary enough for our readers to take interest into. Don't forget to put the link to your blog or websites. Allow the admin 5 working days for your blog to get reviews and promotions, but this could be finish earlier depending on the bulk of request we received.
   UPDATES is all about our Tagged ArtLover Gallery members. Non-members can make comment here but the blog are exclusively to our friends only.
   Blog Promotion are blog roll from our friends or member here who subscribe by joining our sites. An introduction can be read on our Forum regarding the process so I suggest you read them.
   And the MOST IMPORTANT page of all is GAMES after  stressing your mind with all this information or dis-information give your time to relax. By the way, to HELP support our Group, please click some ads every once in awhile to make as float in the vast ocean of Networking.


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