Thursday, February 3, 2011


TAGallery:why did you choose that profile name, any personality you want to project? Tell us something about yourself that you have not shared in your tagged profile.
my profile name is my real name
I am a painter in heart,love surrealistic realistic paintings the most each issue is a challenge for me to paint,I love most of all painting faces with expressions
I started painting almost daily since a year and a half
My profession has been for many years signpainter
TAGallery:Does networking or sharing your ideas, photos, video on the internet help in your life?or is there any impact to the world? 
Being a artist means for me as well being isolated in my little world & the net helped me to breake this silence & meet soulmates one way or another,I doubt this has a impact for the world but it does for me
TAGallery: if you are to live again, what profession would you choose aside from what you have now? 
If I need to be honest then I would certainly come back again as a painter if not then it was my ambition to become a actor
TAGallery:what made you decide to join ArtLover? is the vision/mission being met so far?what can you suggest? 
I was invited to this site  and can't give any suggestions yet because I've just joined recently
TAGallery:any particular artwork or artist you like? why? 
I have the most respct for the old European masters like ,Leonardo Da Vinci Pieter Breughel the old one,Jeroen bosch,and Johannes Vermeer to name some
TAGallery:website you suggest for us to visit? any suggestion for the gallery. 
For artists I would suggest to see and have a look at the Pil site where there is a lot of interaction betwee artists and the work been made
As for me personly I have set up a site on the ning sites and if any person would like to join just let me know
TAGallery:any word you want to tell to ArtLover members? or anything in particular in your mind... 
Just follow your heart and practise as much as you can to become a good painter with the right dose of discipline and come down of the idea of getting rich of your work,unless you are already rich or have the right connections

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