!! Tagged ArtLover Group !!

   In September of 2008 Fernando Mission Ymas organized ArtLover Group forum page to unite artist and art lover in Tagged.Com Social Network. Friends from around the globe started pouring in and the community became one of the fastest growing community in Tagged, discussing and sharing ideas about varied artistic endeavor like; painting, music, dance, poetry and the likes...During these forum Melissa Tandoc suggested that we should have a One-stop page to view each others work instead of going to individual profile. With that idea, artist and friends gave their comment and suggestions until on November of 2009 our united profile page was open which we called !! Tagged ArtLover Gallery !! that we officially launch December 1, 2009.
   TAGallery features Artist's Boxes from their field of expertise. Like Painter's Corner, Literature/Poetry, Photography, Sculpture, Music, Dance and much more.* Our Journal Box includes Poetry and essays from our members and friends, We also had Interviews where you can know our members better. The gallery became also a tool for publicity of performances and exhibitions. Our Comment Box enables our member to express themselves in daily doses. 
   On our 1st Anniversary we launch our Facebook account to reach more audiences and to maximized the potential of each artists' core gift. Our Profile Gallery also undergo a renovation to keep up with the changes and needs of our members. We are an evolving Art Community...regardless of color and races, We stand on our vision: Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share.

Fan Page...
   The ever changing demands of our generations and the expanding correspondence of Tagged ArtLover's  -- that virtually upgrade by the minute, we therefore as Creative body have to answer to these changes or we will be included among the fossil remains of non-existent Art Community. The challenge to us are to stay connected, get involve, and be productive. With the Launching of Tagged ArtLover Fan Page we hope to see those demands and challenges met. The core value we have set are spelled in five simple words C.U.R.E.S. -- it isn't really grand or too remote to be achieved it is the basic of human relation. We live for others, and if NOT we deny our own creative spirit to experience the joy of being part of a society.

*The boxes are evolving and it has included other areas of arts...visit TAGallery for comments and suggestions. !! Tagged ArtLover Gallery !!