Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CYAN BOAT (Babis Kiliaris)

   Thank you for the " front page" picture...Now, few words about the cyan boat on left. This is the old wooden and only "patrol boat" we had on island from the time i was a kid. The "lady" LS16 stopped working in about 1977, replaced with others, new and very fast. I find her again in 1982 in this quite shipyard at north, standing bravely and  waiting for restoration. i got some photos from there and i painted them later. I do not know what happened next but i think this boat does not exist now. Anyway, she was firmly connected with our childhood. Always we recognized the sound of its machine every time the "lady"  was patrolling the east coast, facing to Asia. This is the second painting i did in 2002 for a doctor, at Athens, who has the same memories with me. Be well. -- Babis Kiliaris

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