Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Selected Work from Julius Legaspi

Julius Legaspi
Bulacan, Philippines

Monday, September 24, 2012

Artworks by Jao Rung Wo

Jao Rung Wo
Quezon City, Philippines

Blogs of Pa Ul

   Pa Ul, a syllabicated word coined from his first name Paul which means P - pleasing personality, A - artistic, U - understanding, and L - lovable. This is his own artistic identity and name in the internet and in the art world now. His name is Paul Hafalla, born on April 16, 1978...

   We had featured PaUl before as an Artist..this time we will focus on his blog. Simply called Pa Ul, the site tackles varied items from Painting Tips, travels  to cleaning dog teeth or pet care. 

A Website of a Visual Artist and  Web blog designer 

   To those who missed our post on PaUl's artworks hit this LINK

Friday, September 21, 2012

Victoria Stoyanova's Artworks

Born on 23rd of May 1968 in the city of Sofia, Victoria Stoyanova is a self-educated artist who before starting her artistic carŠµer in 1997 works very successfully as a fashion designer.

 Victoria Stoyanova
Sofia, Bulgaria

Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 Lakes, 7 Arts...in San Pablo City

I really have to squeeze my schedule when I heard there is an activity for the arts here in the province of Laguna. Luckily I had a window of free time this week. A face painting schedule had been moved and that might have been a sign that I really must go. 
   Sometime ago early in 2000 I've participated in Art Camp2 at Antipolo City...I miss hanging out with people who breath the same passion for the Arts and I can not let an opportunity like this slip away.To be one with the arts once again. 

     This time, it's San Pablo city. 
    So when I saw the Facebook post of Ed Gamo, Jr. about "Pitong Lawa, Pitong Sining" (Seven Lakes, Seven Arts) Cultural event, I immediately contacted him and laid my interest (in fact, enthusiasm) to attend. 
   Edgardo Gamo, Jr. a true child of San Pablo City; also known as Eddie boy is the silent spirit but powerful figure behind the art side of the event. It is my way of thanking him why this article was written. His warm personality and passionate love for arts had made this event a success... 

   After more than 3 hours of travel from Binan City to San Pablo City. I've reach Ultimart Shopping Mall. Instantly, the air was festive. The mood was up beat...There was a stage set up at the central artery of the Mall. The ribbon was cut at 10Am. 
   So what is Pitang Lawa, Pitong Sining
   On its 2nd year now, organized by BJAI (Barangay ni Jose Association, Inc.) spearhead by Film Dir. Soxy Topacio. It aims to promote the seven arts and most especially to bring awareness for the conservation of the 7 lakes in San Pablo City. 
   Centerpiece of the event is the Musikatha, a song writing competition that gives tribute to the 7 lakes of San Pablo and to encourage tourism. Believe me, when you hear the qualifying entries, you wouldn't thought they were made by students and amateur.  
   There is a mini bazaar where you can get souvenir items, tattoos, antiques, artworks, and Pinoy foods at affordable prices plus welcoming friendly staff of BJAI. I was being lead to the 2nd and 3rd floor to witness the exhibits of WALO Visual Artist with Kulay ng Pitong Lawa art group. Promising talents of this generations. 

    Various Short films are being shown at the cinema. Lecture on Baybayin, a native  Filipino alphabet older than alibata... Screenwriting seminar, theater acting conducted by no other than Dir. Soxie Topacio. Award winning movie by film master Mario O'Hara "Tatlong Taong Walang Dios" (3 Years without God) starring Superstar Nora Aunor.
    A lecture in Photography by Laguna Shutters...

   Not pre-planned but the next day, I was already face painting in Pitong Lawa booth via Sir Ed's suggestion. Oh by the way, I had a great time sketching with Walo artist using soft-pastel that I have not used for quite sometime.   

    Here I am with Walo Art Group during opening ceremony....

   Barangay ni Jose with Dir. Soxie and Walo Artist...

    My face paint of a chicken for Walo artist Hilda de Jesus which she confides her favorite...

   Try reading Baybayin along the entrance to the theater...

   Ed Gamo's corner...

   I really wish I could finish all the 7 days stretch to show my support but I had other obligations to finish but all in all it was a memorable experience. See you next year. 

   Click here to visit WALO Visual Artist Facebook page.

(Article Re-post from Wisdom of a Fool)