Wednesday, February 2, 2011

POETRY (Sheila K)

~Search Far A Lover's Sky!~

A wicked chill lingered in the night air,
Yet Maiden felt warm as thoughts were far away.
Savored image was of a handsome body bare;
Sensuous lover with whom she spent long moments in play.

She saw not celestial twinkling lights.
Eyes could but envision arms embracing her;
Strong and firm they brought unto her sweetest delight.
Caress of her knight in shining armor, her gallant Sir.

Strolled they lazily on, clasped arm in arm.
Spent hours sipping honey of succulent kiss.
His masculinity enhanced feminine charm.
Virility, a trait she dare not easily dismiss.

Settling o'er her were coziest of feelings.
Sentiments of heart sealed tight future of days.
His love thus united  with hers would not e're cease.
Truest devotion sent Goddess of Love, Venus reeling!

So, if tonight you cast upward searching eyes
To view a lover's sky and thus capture your dream,
Talk with Venus and you may discover why
They've gathered passions sultry 'neath glowing lights of moonbeams.

Sheila K
MS. Lady of Love

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