Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You and Me (Poetry by Sancheeta Art by Melissa)

by Melissa Tandoc

You and Me  
Sancheeta Biswas 

you broke my self exile,

you evoke my retired brain,
i was walking in my silence,
you intrude love in loneliness again.

in the opening of a new day
 i come back to you before bed time.
 my heart opens to pour some love
 to connect your soul.
 i recognize myself in your existence,
 my non-existence finds a resistance.
 i adore myself. i adore you.
 i love you in your presence, in absence.
the ecstasy burn too deep, pain to relief.
 you open up your desires, 
i try out my freedom in your passionate wine. 
i am afraid, my every Blood Red,
in love with your breathing thread. each time.

 you arose me,
 i tear up my net in you and our symposium,
 in search of power and strength.
 in search of you.
 you are in me.
 you in eternity.

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Simran said...

It's like Melissa's painting have got true feelings by Sancheeta's wonderful poetry!!
Excellent :)

Anonymous said...


JIM said...

Really wonderful Melissa your words tell a great story and Sancheeta your words paint a delicious story.. a perfect combination!!!

melissa said...

You broke my self exile as soul sis Sancheeta puts it... you are in me... He taught me the word "forever"... I will finish this drawing when I finally see him...

Thank you partner... I knew you like this among my artworks :P... and I like that you chose Sancheeta's poem for it...:)thank you.

FherYmas said...

I'll be looking forward to that day...and finally call that picture