Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GOD IS THERE, GOD IS NOT THERE by Maheshawar N. Sinha

Maheshwar N. Sinha

An absolute question whether God
exists- answer less till now.

Though the Big Bang theory suggests
about the origin of this Universe was due to an Explosion, it was an accident!
In a layman’s term this life and our universe came into force, was a fluke.

If, for a while, we accept this
theory still question arises that can an accident cause to form a life or world
that is so systematic. Next, while we accept the explosion, yes, destruction is
necessary for construction, again who was there to control that power, that
said, who was there to inspire, a motivational force! We can’t assume this life
being only a product of mere chance. Accepting the theory means we would be
accepting ourselves, this natural world and all being a part as a by-product of
that universe which came into existence recklessly, merely for a fluke. By law,
how a reckless accident could cause a life and world, which is systematic and
quite creative. Again, in acceptance of this Explosion theory in the origin of
this Universe means we would be denying and mocking our existence utterly as a
product, rather we’re more than what we call us an emotional being, we’re
spiritual being. That said there is a system clearly governed by some unknown
rules and regulations.

The basic question is not of- is this
universe a product of an accident (Big Bang), or is there any other Divine
Force working! In other words, God is there, God is not there.

There may raise many questions in
both sides, lot of humbugs. Question of God is not a collective subject, as our
religion seems to behave. This is absolutely a personal subject, quite an
Empirical, hence can’t defined within a physical tool we’ve available thus far.

If God is omnipresent, ever blessed,
and ever delighted why he needed to create this universe- perhaps to have a
play from nothing to everything! He needs nothing yet does everything. Next,
where God is, where He was while creating? This universe is solid; if He is a
highly personal subject to experience means, He seems to be a spirit
(absolute), subject to feel, then how an element could turn such an endless
universe, which is solid. A solid can’t come out of abstract. God should be
solid, existing somewhere, if a solid part do existing somewhere then how it
could be omnipresent!

Question encounters questions! There
looks no reasoned solid answer, letting you down in another humbug.

To my view, Explosion was, but there existed a motivational force, and
that was Divine Power/God. However, it was abstract, an element, and a spirit.
We have light of bulb, but can alone is it sufficed to be lightened. It’s
difficult to accept all creation being mere a product of Explosion, yes,
accident happened but there might be a motivating factor.

If we assume ourselves mere a product
(not creation) of an accident, how we would define of love and compassion, the
basic force behind this world.

The answer is within of you!

We don’t have even control over our
sneezes, then who controls all?

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