Saturday, February 26, 2011

POETRY (Leigh-Anne Desjardines) ARTWORKS (Babis Kiliaris)

Gipsy by BABIS
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flawed by your cruel design
Reasons being marked on my skin
Evil craddling me since infancy
No voice to explain within

Just tell me how you see me
Just tell me how I survive
A reflection all to familiar
Only being, but not alive

Imperfection, defected, failure
Hidden amoungst my very brain
Showing only what you need to see
Keeping within our connected pain

Thorns of memories pierce my head
Shame strapped around my wrist
Nail me to the very cross I bare
You gawk at me while I resist

You don't need to truely bother
You don't need to truely be
You must be hidden & tamed
No more of this rejected debris

Damn you my true reflection
The fight is between us two
Why do you insist on torcher
I bare my soul only to you

Go to sleep evil angel
I will accept what is to be
Now nail me to the label
The label you gave to me

Written By
Silent Serenity

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