Monday, February 28, 2011

Stirring Our Homepage

 "I've been thinking this for quite can I help make this group prosper. Then it hit me while watching my dying cichlids fish I named Sunshine (Story perhaps I will blog one day...)"
So far I'm beginning to enjoy browsing all my friends shout out. Great isn't it that you find words of wisdom in unlikely faces.
Picture † Jan ♣ ƒᎡɨᎬɳᎠς !! ɭưѵƲ MIKE! ツ says:
There is nothing in a caterpillar that can tell that it would be a beautiful butterfly someday.

The one one the left is a sketch done by Ross O....He would love to hear feedback from you guys and I hope you can give him some pointers.
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Lee-Ann R says
They say that we should love our self first before other people learn to love us. but it's not as easy as it seems. sometimes, we need someone to accept us and love us first. then, we would learn to see ourselves through that person's eyes and learn to love our self.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

POETRY (Leigh-Anne Desjardines) ARTWORKS (Babis Kiliaris)

Gipsy by BABIS
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flawed by your cruel design
Reasons being marked on my skin
Evil craddling me since infancy
No voice to explain within

Just tell me how you see me
Just tell me how I survive
A reflection all to familiar
Only being, but not alive

Imperfection, defected, failure
Hidden amoungst my very brain
Showing only what you need to see
Keeping within our connected pain

Thorns of memories pierce my head
Shame strapped around my wrist
Nail me to the very cross I bare
You gawk at me while I resist

You don't need to truely bother
You don't need to truely be
You must be hidden & tamed
No more of this rejected debris

Damn you my true reflection
The fight is between us two
Why do you insist on torcher
I bare my soul only to you

Go to sleep evil angel
I will accept what is to be
Now nail me to the label
The label you gave to me

Written By
Silent Serenity

Friday, February 25, 2011


This February we have updated our profile with these art works from our Member Artist and we would like to archive them here on this blog for a second look...



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Friday, February 18, 2011


   I think I should make a step by step guidelines to maximized the use of Tagged ArtLover Connection page so you wouldn't get tangled or lost in the many services it offered. This would also give helpful tips if you are planning to create a blog; something I am continuously learning using Web Log or simply blog.
   First let us discuss the element in our HOME PAGE. On your first visit I suggest you sign up at the top of the page, the one in light blue with Google Friend connect Icon. This will also be a sort of welcome chat box you can utilized to meet other people. It is your personal social bar. If you wan to talk to someone, you can use the format @ before the name (i.e. @TAGallery: Hello...) or simply greet the group or something like a forum page, only in shorter and concise manner.
   After the site Banner you see the page/s bar with this words HOME, FORUM, UPDATES, Blog Promotions, Games...We shall be adding pages in the future but for now let us focus on these linking pages. In our HOME page you'll see our welcome notes and some background why the site is created. You'll see on your right an image of ArtLover banner, you can click it and it will open you to ArtLover Group Blogs (This site) under that photo is the Members list, where one can sign up to join. You can click each image to see co-members profile and if they are a blogger, you will see  pop-up Links to their sites. I suggest you add them as friend as well, for I always believe in the law of connection, no matter what happen, we will never know we might need the other person in the future. So don't be rude to them. 
   Now let's return to the message on the left. You'll see photos there and this images can be click and it will link you to our sites. You can have the option to join there too which I recommend. Our tagline under it Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share will direct you to our Complete Vision and Mission. Next if you want to promote a blog you push "Promote Blog Here" it is link to the Blog Promotion page, don't get mad...if you see instead I bring you directly to Forum page to apply your blog. I am teaching you the virtue of patience. No actually, we must learn to appreciate other Bloggers first before we get compliments, this will give you also an overview on how your promotion will appear plus the list are your future client so I suggest you make comment there and add your signature site. Oh we are jumping already, Now we can turn the page to Forum.
   FORUM. Our forum is limited to 5 Category so I hope you choose wisely where to put your query. They are Welcome, News, About Your Arts, Promote your Blog for FREE, and Off-Topic. The simple rule in our forum page is Respect. Type your message as you would communicate to a human being and not merely treating them as computers. Under each category you can either make reply or start a topic. You may capitalized font of a word or two to stress a point but please don't over do it--for these may appear as you are being RUDE. Here is where you can promote your blog/s.
   To promote a blog/s you can enter details about the blog. Why this blog should be included...don't enter the whole article, just a summary enough for our readers to take interest into. Don't forget to put the link to your blog or websites. Allow the admin 5 working days for your blog to get reviews and promotions, but this could be finish earlier depending on the bulk of request we received.
   UPDATES is all about our Tagged ArtLover Gallery members. Non-members can make comment here but the blog are exclusively to our friends only.
   Blog Promotion are blog roll from our friends or member here who subscribe by joining our sites. An introduction can be read on our Forum regarding the process so I suggest you read them.
   And the MOST IMPORTANT page of all is GAMES after  stressing your mind with all this information or dis-information give your time to relax. By the way, to HELP support our Group, please click some ads every once in awhile to make as float in the vast ocean of Networking.


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visiting Ross O

"I am using this Site to express my Creativity and also to Meet Smart and Attractive Women Dont Fret if your not Smart I can teach u loads & vice/versa"
                                                                       -- Ross O

This sketch is from Ross O...
This very active guy get his hand busy in almost anything, from composing to writing, from fast cars to he said he is interested in Film and anything related to it.

see Ross O Profile HERE.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

ART FROM JUNK (from PaperCrafting G)

 People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, 
revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.

!! BLKGRLNATL !!    from Smyrna, GA
creator of PaperCrafting Group

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Friday, February 11, 2011

A THOUGHT (Jimmy 幾米 D)

Jimmy 幾米 D

Jimmy 幾米 D Tagged Profile 

Las Vegas, Nevada

August 13, 2010
  I write this with feelings of loneliness right now.  With a deep depression that makes me believe that the world is truly cruel.  There is no hope.  Am I the only one that has felt like this?  Am I the only one that ever thinks this way?  No way!
  It is all of us at one time or another that wanted to reach out to someone and find that there is no one there. To try and say words that fall on no ears, for everyone is wrapped up in their own lives and don't have time to care.  Oh my, is this the foundation which humanity is destined to follow?  To continue on a mission of "me" and to hell with everyone else?  Do we not have a heart, not only to pump our blood but to help us feel?  Do we not have a mind that allows us to think independently and to know that without the care and help of someone else, we are never truly going to succeed?
  If we think we don't need anyone than THINK AGAIN!  If you own a business, you need customers.  If you play music, you need people to hear.  If you write poetry, you need people to read.  If you need love, you need someone to care.
  There are way too many people that feel alone in this world and the one way, very simple way, to make others feel that they are important could be the simple task of someone listening.  Someone showing a little enough care for that person to carry on. 
  I have friends that care and show they have love for me as a friend.  I am so indeed a fortunate person.  I want my friends to know that I am here to listen, show I care and to share what little bit of knowledge I have.  To show humanity that there is a reason to go on.  My friends, I am here for you.
  As always, take care and remember that there is someone out there that cares for you.


   Aside from Our Showcase Page, ArtLover Group will regularly features Art works or Performances every once in a while as our Blog...with Link to The Artist Tagged Profile so he/she can directly received your comment or you may do your reviews here. Here are our first choices for today. Click on the Artist name to see his Tagged Page. Be sure to visit us regularly....

Babis K

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Honor Of Your Friendship (by Kaye)

The Honor Of Your Friendship
June 12, 2009 at 11:41pm
I've found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!
He love me ere I knew Him;
He drew me with the cords of love,
And thus He bound me to Him.--Small

Love is more than a sentiment,
it's putting another's needs
ahead of your own.


"simple loving person, easy going, loves to spent my night life with my friends and cousin, loves to go out of town to explore. i work as a cutomer service representative at aboitiz super ferry 2go for more than 2 yrs. now. i like out door sports. youngest among my siblings, only girl ,,.. single.
i decide to join artlover simply because i want somebody to do a portrait of me. yes so far vision/mission met my expectation.
thank you for having me as one of your member, keep up the good work and thank you for keeping in touch, hope i can meet some of you if not all soon, take care,,

Check Out Jessica's Dance Video

All of my dance videos are on vimeo, some are on youtube, if you want to watch all of them , here is my vimeo page I will keep you guys updated anyways if I post anything new, xoxoSmile

visit Jessica's Tagged Profile

Dancehall Batle from JeSsica on Vimeo.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Portrait & Poetry by MaryR Poet

Thick gray murky clouds
Shroud of heaven’s brilliance
Supersaturated vapor
Stark painful vision
Slowly, slowly passing

Thick white cotton gray
Mass of floating water
High energy condensate
Orgy dancing puffy air
Slowly, slowly passing

MARYR ©10/01/2008


Everything seems to be degenerating before our eyes, from the establishment, news media, to motion pictures, to literature, to visual art, to education, to male-female relations.
     With that observation in mind, what was the role an artist play in this chaotic upheaval? First, let us dissect Art into diverse areas, to understand the root cause of the problem. What would be the first question? What is an art?
     Does an artwork need to reflect life or does life reflect art? Art normally falls on the reactive position, meaning an artwork usually describe the situation and at times suggest or direct possible solution. Music usually begins from an inspiration, like being in love and or from desperation in some cases. While, I do agree that certain artistic creation can inject new ideas, it has to start somewhere or it can not come out from nothing.
     So to blame artistic expressions (which were often used as alibi) for the decline of certain virtues or morale would be an unfair conclusion. The big question would be is “Does the artist a responsible unit of societal deterioration?”
     Therefore it is plausible that a well-intent artist with normal social stature can be a very dynamic agent of evil. I believed ideas have consequences, and that reminds me of Spider-man, “Great power, comes great responsibilities.”   Let me further stress that it is an enormous responsibility.  

The Battle of My Worlds (Silent Serenity)

(Originally Posted on TAGallery Journal on July 2010)
Days running into each other, one after another
Same routine, same moment, same tireless joining second
Life passing by without a second thought of what went by
Overwhelming busy schedule without a chance to breathe

Inhaling each & every memory to make the seconds sacred
Enjoying the beauty around while embracing the moment
Quietness so surreal you can hear the heartbeat of life
Treasured to the soul where time is at a stand still

Judgemental voices to cruel to go on with your day
Snickering, evil, hurtful with unforgivable attacks
A tremendous push with no sight of whose in the way
Ungratefulness to the core with piercing eyes so empty

A gentle hand lifting you up to reach the forever sky
Speaking words to brighten up every inch of your soul
Laughing, smiling & joking about life that is so bright
Making every attempt to keep you close to the heart

Knowing all that is good in your life will soon leave you
Getting close to only have it walk out on you forever
Engulfed with the most loving feelings of others
Treasuring the most real & honest memories of your life

What do you want from me
I only survive in the real world
But I live in my dream world
Don't give up on me

Written By Me
Leigh-Anne aka Silent Serenity

We all have the battle of worlds in our life! The real world is always something we have to survive but always keep your dream world close to your heart because I promise you can keep two worlds going together! It's the difference between our madness or our sanity! Both keep us strong! Keeps us honest with ourselves & others and it keeps our compassion for life & others growing strong! Keep smiling for me hun with Silent hugs & kisses for my mystical friend! xox

visit Silent Serenity's Tagged Profile

Thursday, February 3, 2011


TAGallery:why did you choose that profile name, any personality you want to project? Tell us something about yourself that you have not shared in your tagged profile.
my profile name is my real name
I am a painter in heart,love surrealistic realistic paintings the most each issue is a challenge for me to paint,I love most of all painting faces with expressions
I started painting almost daily since a year and a half
My profession has been for many years signpainter
TAGallery:Does networking or sharing your ideas, photos, video on the internet help in your life?or is there any impact to the world? 
Being a artist means for me as well being isolated in my little world & the net helped me to breake this silence & meet soulmates one way or another,I doubt this has a impact for the world but it does for me
TAGallery: if you are to live again, what profession would you choose aside from what you have now? 
If I need to be honest then I would certainly come back again as a painter if not then it was my ambition to become a actor
TAGallery:what made you decide to join ArtLover? is the vision/mission being met so far?what can you suggest? 
I was invited to this site  and can't give any suggestions yet because I've just joined recently
TAGallery:any particular artwork or artist you like? why? 
I have the most respct for the old European masters like ,Leonardo Da Vinci Pieter Breughel the old one,Jeroen bosch,and Johannes Vermeer to name some
TAGallery:website you suggest for us to visit? any suggestion for the gallery. 
For artists I would suggest to see and have a look at the Pil site where there is a lot of interaction betwee artists and the work been made
As for me personly I have set up a site on the ning sites and if any person would like to join just let me know
TAGallery:any word you want to tell to ArtLover members? or anything in particular in your mind... 
Just follow your heart and practise as much as you can to become a good painter with the right dose of discipline and come down of the idea of getting rich of your work,unless you are already rich or have the right connections


Intellectual property is a delicate area and depends on the country you happen to be in .
My suspicion is that anything put on Tagged may be deemed the property of Tagged but you would have to check the terms and conditions .
It is not surprising that people would be reluctant to put their work on any site unless it was guaranteed not to be stolen , copied or sold on without there permission .
Painting is an individual art , the original work is of greater value and copies don't have much value except when used in advertisement .
Music , photography and written work is at much greater risk of theft .
As you already know it doesn't matter which country you are putting your work on the net from because it can be downloaded in a country where the copyright law is ignored.
I believe there are copyright protection programs .

Kevin H Tagged Profile


   When asked to talk about art, what immediately came to my mind are the words "beauty" and "life".
   Extracted in its purest form, art speaks of beauty in terms of God's creation...everything I see around me reveals its Source...just as a painting, a poem or song traces its roots in its author...
The sky is God's canvas and human beings, His masterpiece.
Studying anatomy and physiology, for example, evinces God's greatest art work. Each of us is unique and carefully designed to the minutest details as our fingerprints...
Madonna and Child on chalk
   Our various art forms mirror our daily life---its events, our experiences,our emotions.They are products of what I see,hear and reflections and contemplations...everything around me and within me evokes art.
   Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the artists' ability to speak to the soul. Therefore,as artists we have a great responsibility towards our audiences and listeners because we are sharers of life and beauty and we provide nourishment to the soul.

-melissa 19 february 2010


   Today my artist friends , I am pushing the limits on creativities of the mind, I have adventured over to abstract with a twist. On canvas I have added materials such as minor household articles like broom straws, kleenex tisssues, plastic forks, paint, empty toiletroll tubes and lots more ,glued to the canvas in an extrodinary fashion. The mind is a unending road of creativity, and i find it somewhat of a twilight zone in imaginary things to fine art, Of course this project will be on film and transfer to the group for opinions .It is amazing to know the end of this creativity as to how it will turn out, Abstract sometimes cannot be define with sometimes with it's somewhat strangeness. But again it is amazing what they are calling art now days. So the sky is the limit to what you can do. expanding the mind to new horizons is not only a challenge, but an adventure also.

            keep creating,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

POETRY (Sheila K)

~Search Far A Lover's Sky!~

A wicked chill lingered in the night air,
Yet Maiden felt warm as thoughts were far away.
Savored image was of a handsome body bare;
Sensuous lover with whom she spent long moments in play.

She saw not celestial twinkling lights.
Eyes could but envision arms embracing her;
Strong and firm they brought unto her sweetest delight.
Caress of her knight in shining armor, her gallant Sir.

Strolled they lazily on, clasped arm in arm.
Spent hours sipping honey of succulent kiss.
His masculinity enhanced feminine charm.
Virility, a trait she dare not easily dismiss.

Settling o'er her were coziest of feelings.
Sentiments of heart sealed tight future of days.
His love thus united  with hers would not e're cease.
Truest devotion sent Goddess of Love, Venus reeling!

So, if tonight you cast upward searching eyes
To view a lover's sky and thus capture your dream,
Talk with Venus and you may discover why
They've gathered passions sultry 'neath glowing lights of moonbeams.

Sheila K
MS. Lady of Love


BY FherMission

Immortalizing memories or sometimes telling stories;
expressing feelings or simply spending the moment; searching for an answer or experimenting with the medium; all these and much more are recorded on my Visual Manuscript. 

  The process of creating a visual journal came to me one time while doing a design for my folder to be used on my portfolio of art collection. Eventually, that discovery coupled with my intention to keep memories and retain work for future references, which included works that I even considered a failure had became to be a passion that ultimately at the same time develop into a personal style that I’ve been searching.
preface to "The Quantum Fragment"
   As I self-search and analyzes each and every aspect of what the world offers I came to my lifetime thesis which is Realizationism Art – or simply the process of careful discernment of everything and anything. Thus, translating occurrences which transpired around or within me; by interpreting them as visual idiom and honest recording of feelings, I was able to comprehend the lesson in the process.
preface to "The Quantum Fragment"
   I never believed in accident or random event. Things happened as a direct result of something being done or the law of cause and effect. Miracle is something that takes place without the natural law. Sometimes, we ignore coincidences and dismiss the idea that it happen by mere chance. To me that seemingly random act was a direct intervention from God. I saw that divine guidance as an inspiration, or something that needed our full attention.
   Although my art works appears to be just a playful juxtaposition of images and colors I never consider them as mere accident but a preconceived intent and careful placement of thoughts to achieved the desired revelation. When an inspiration arises (coincidence) I welcome them with an open mind and carefully distinguish the relationship. When the symbiotic of things are concocted perfectly into a piece of artwork with all the elements of arts put together such as texture, colors, colors & shapes we can call it a success.

CYAN BOAT (Babis Kiliaris)

   Thank you for the " front page" picture...Now, few words about the cyan boat on left. This is the old wooden and only "patrol boat" we had on island from the time i was a kid. The "lady" LS16 stopped working in about 1977, replaced with others, new and very fast. I find her again in 1982 in this quite shipyard at north, standing bravely and  waiting for restoration. i got some photos from there and i painted them later. I do not know what happened next but i think this boat does not exist now. Anyway, she was firmly connected with our childhood. Always we recognized the sound of its machine every time the "lady"  was patrolling the east coast, facing to Asia. This is the second painting i did in 2002 for a doctor, at Athens, who has the same memories with me. Be well. -- Babis Kiliaris

DREAMS (Silent Serenity)

Your rythmatic heart beats with a delicate musical note, With silhouettes dancing within your very soul! Imprinting colors absolutely so hypnotic to your eyes That your mind seems to wander to the heavenly skies Protecting your very innocence with every thought, With poetic touches which tingles your sense of self! Embrace every single urge which impels you to dream large Grip it with your naked soul and begin to take charge!

Created by me Leigh-Anne aka Silent Serenity

No dream is unreachable no matter the darkness that you may feel at times, let nothing stop you since you are the protector and creator of your destiny, let the love of family & friends & the love you have inside to print out your path & your future!

Till the next time take care my soulful friend!

POETRY by MaryR with Jerly's Artwork

Painting by Jerly Thinkingspace

MaryPoet Rios

       Blanket of earth, whispering sky,
   the rustle of beguiled places.
     Spacious, infectious, courageous.
        Sensible, luscious and wicked eyes.

      Outlawed and profoundly incapable,
   I stretch my imaginations' limitation
      Defeated and galley-slaved by
         their comically unworldly depths

      Affecting, deflecting, connecting
   All-powerful energetic optic waves
     pulsing, captivating, tempting into
       inescapable compliant submission 

     Laughing, humorously bedeviled eyes.
  Taunting, piercing, vertiginous stare
     causing havoc to my feeble constraint.
       Fluidity responds.  Heart ambushed!