Wednesday, February 2, 2011

POETRY by MaryR with Jerly's Artwork

Painting by Jerly Thinkingspace

MaryPoet Rios

       Blanket of earth, whispering sky,
   the rustle of beguiled places.
     Spacious, infectious, courageous.
        Sensible, luscious and wicked eyes.

      Outlawed and profoundly incapable,
   I stretch my imaginations' limitation
      Defeated and galley-slaved by
         their comically unworldly depths

      Affecting, deflecting, connecting
   All-powerful energetic optic waves
     pulsing, captivating, tempting into
       inescapable compliant submission 

     Laughing, humorously bedeviled eyes.
  Taunting, piercing, vertiginous stare
     causing havoc to my feeble constraint.
       Fluidity responds.  Heart ambushed!


1 comment:

Jerly said...

The painting inspired poetry..whoa...powerful!