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Lisa Schmidt and her Art Journal

Lisa Schmidt
Dryden, Ontario

Welcome To My World Of Pretty Little Messes 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Pick 004



"Temptation is a woman's weapon and man's excuse."
-- Aabhisek Panda

Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor

"Clutter is often tucked away and unseen.

Hidden in a bookshelf. Buried under things in a drawer. Squished between other things in a closet. Cloistered in a folder in a filing cabinet. Tucked away in an email folder.

Sometimes clutter are old memories or feelings hiding in our hearts"

*** To those new on Tagged ArtLover Group we randomly pick images, post, and blogs that we think are worth immortalizing and therefore re-share them here, just in case our member miss them. We believe that sharing is a powerful tool in uplifting the arts and at the same time unite artist and art lover all around the globe.
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Pick 003

We understand that most of you are too busy playing net games and updating status on your we  try to take your troubles away in searching for "Likable" post, blogs, and images that might slip your attention...Here are some of our suggestions that deserve a second look.

Shani Remulla
Seafood with Marshmallow

Siham Sabagh

blend with your artwork
Manisha Bhatia

Just as a token of appreciation
Today I will pay a special tribute
By miniscule effort through my creation
To The Wonderful Idiots
I owe them for my creativity
I wonder if I would have ever realize my strengths
And understood my power of relativity!!!
(excerpt from When I was Lost in Me:Wonderful Idiots)

Nelieta Mishchenko

image from 
 A Moment in Time 

Hemant Kumar
The young professor

*** To those new on Tagged ArtLover Group we randomly pick images, post, and blogs that we think are worth immortalizing and therefore re-share them here, just in case our member miss them. We believe that sharing is a powerful tool in uplifting the arts and at the same time unite artist and art lover all around the globe.
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Welcome Adrisa Art

Adrisa Art
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Pick 002

Continuing Tagged ArtLover's quest to share images and words you don't see nor read anywhere else but only among our members...

Jerly Thinkingspace
Isn’t it so obvious who the real menace here really are! It is the overpopulated human race which doesn't even spare the fruits in the forest that is the food for the monkeys! . And then we want to "Family Plan" for the monkeys!
(excerpts from Thinking Space: We The Monkeys)

Maheshwar N. Sinha

i 'm very considerate about colors...i like you've noticed it. one of good painting's job is to please viewers eyes, i do not think its wise to make your look deliberately or consciously ugly. no one want it, after mirror, but man/woman do it in order to achieve beauty... similarly, as an painter , when i do it, i try it come across me in simple manner... a simple girl is always beautiful, you know! -- Sinha

Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor

A watercolor rendition of a Malay lady dressed in traditional attire during a village festival. What I love is the floral patterns on her clothes and all kind of colors that you can see even in the background.

Hea Abrantes

Mari Sterling Wilbur

Using color schemes in photography is as important as using them in artwork. Color schemes can add interest, excitement, solitude or peace to your images. Using color schemes is very important in clothing worn in family photos. Look for color schemes in nature and take advantage of them when snapping your images.
(taken from Photography Tips)

Wan Maznah Wan Mohamad

(Now, here's a beautiful presentation of a Chicken's destiny.-- TAG Admin.)

(Taken from Cooking Varieties)

Random Pick 001

As usual, Tagged ArtLover is always on the look out for fresh, innovative, and something we consider worth-sharing...Just like in Youtube where they presents Viral Videos. We also attempt to give you what we consider viral among our members. 
   Here are the first sets of our Random Pick coming from our members...

George Jennings
Many people are using my greeting cards as thank you cards for business and personal contacts and some people are starting to purchase them to use as non-traditional holiday cards to send out to their Christmas card list this year! I hope you will consider doing that too. Order them now at a new lower price:

Alpana Jaiswal
(This is an excerpt from MOTIFS ON THE WALL: So much for my happy ending)

“I Love you”…the three most overused, misused and misunderstood words in the English language.
Have you ever loved someone so much that the earth moved? Even though it hurt, did you love like there is nothing else your heart wants??

I know how it feels to cry in the shower, so that no one hears me…I know how it feels to wait until everybody is sleeping and then I can fall apart…I know how it feels when everything hurts so bad that you just want to end it all…

Portia Burton

My watercolour painting of a house in the 'lake district',northwest England -- Portia Burton

Jess Hubahib Najarro

Jim Brandano

White is considered a neutral color! If you add a splash of it to a canvas of blue, as in this image of a solitary egret standing in a blue lake on a early morning in Sanibel Florida, I think you have a great but simple combination of colors.

Maurice Dolezal

"snoopy my mate"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wanted Perfect Husband?

MEndearing , Lovely, Inspiring Soul Sister in Art
Takes Applicants for Nuptial Destiny with Obligatory Ceremony
(That's her full name...)

Guaranteed sweet and speaks Italian, Filipino, English, and Arabic 
(knows how to use Google Translate just in case above language fails)
As a Nurse you are insured of being reminded daily to take your medicines and when you get old, you don't have to hire care-takers.
Very Artistic and plays various musical instrument.

Qualification for Applicants
Single of course, or if you plan to get divorce just to marry her it's OK.
Well-traveled, necessary for its her pass-time aside from shopping. If you don't travel, just provide her the budget, she'll promise to buy memorabilia.
Not Necessarily Rich, just a Swiss Account will do.

Good-looking...(can be negotiated as long as above criteria are met)

Interested applicants (are you serious? You still wanna do this?) may contact Tagged ArtLover Dating Sites. 

(Don't Kill Me!!! Seriously you should change that status...Right ArtLover?)


Hello Artner...
In behalf of 
Tagged ArtLover Group
Happy Birthday!!!!

Inside My Art Partner's Heart
(Originally posted on June 2011)

I remember a couple of month ago when I told Melissa to start making her own blog. This is just a no non-sense encouragement because I saw her passion in writing and this includes her innate ability to speak her heart in words. I am not saying this because she is my partner in building Tagged ArtLover Group but of pure admiration to her multi-faceted personality. Tell me who can play guitar and  piano so well and yet paint beautiful pictures? That was not all and I am about to tell you why ArtLover Group is lucky to have her as Co-Administrator.
Melissa's Passion...
   I've only known Melissa for a little less than 2 years. She was just an unfamiliar networking friend among the hundreds from Tagged social sites. Her photo just sits there among the members of Tagged ArtLover Group forum page, until she start pouring in great ideas and little anecdotes to the group. She expounded, challenges and extracted my Art of Realizationism. Through those exchanges of ideas and moot-pointing that are not at all that smooth with some little variation on perceptions and beliefs, I begun to notice her sincerity and passion in her chosen fields. The group forum page survive because of Melissa and the evolution into creating !! Tagged ArtLover Gallery !! came from her suggestion to have a single profile page for our members.
   She has kept the group alive, especially during those time when my computer shut down for a month or two. Taking care of the gallery by sending luvs, answering messages, and religiously greeting celebrants. The most surprising feat Melissa did for the group was compiling every detail Tagged ArtLover went through by writing a bulletin of our chronicle for the first anniversary celebration. She was indeed God send for the group for I could not have able to do all the big plans for the group without her. 
   The most touching part was when she was even reluctant to accept a job for it might conflict her time and devotion to our group activities. It was so selfless of her, knowing we are doing this for FREE. Being so true to our core vision to C.U.R.E.S. and the deep love for art. ArtLover? I can say, all the qualities are within my art partner Melissa.
   I had asked Melissa to go out from her comfort zone and create more meaningful artworks than just doing portraits (I myself is also guilty of), she had some great composition, but at times she had the tendency to play it safe. It is so nice to see, that lately she is pushing the limit of her creativity and are now coming up with her signature style. 
   What I would like to focus though here are her blog. Blog world had became a better place to visit since my friend Melissa came. Honestly, her blog had that specially quality that speaks from the heart without reservation. Depth, was an exact title for her blog, for deep within her innermost thoughts she is able to paint a beautiful landscape and seascape of her soul. There is always that touch of romantic nostalgia and the undeniable closeness to her faith. Central also her closeness to her supportive family and friends. Learning along the way and admitting the weakness of self. Depth is a blog worth revisiting for reflection, not just of one's self but of the world.
   From your partner in creative spirit...FherMission

   To visit Melissa's blog follow this link: 

Once again Happy Birthday from your Tagged ArtLover Family...

Oooops!!! Is that a wedding cake??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011