Monday, June 6, 2011

Inside My Art Partner's Heart

   I remember a couple of month ago when I told Melissa to start making her own blog. This is just a no non-sense encouragement because I saw her passion in writing and this includes her innate ability to speak her heart in words. I am not saying this because she is my partner in building Tagged ArtLover Group but of pure admiration to her multi-faceted personality. Tell me who can play guitar and  piano so well and yet paint beautiful pictures? That was not all and I am about to tell you why ArtLover Group is lucky to have her as Co-Administrator.
Melissa's Passion...
   I've only known Melissa for a little less than 2 years. She was just an unfamiliar networking friend among the hundreds from Tagged social sites. Her photo just sits there among the members of Tagged ArtLover Group forum page, until she start pouring in great ideas and little anecdotes to the group. She expounded, challenges and extracted my Art of Realizationism. Through those exchanges of ideas and moot-pointing that are not at all that smooth with some little variation on perceptions and beliefs, I begun to notice her sincerity and passion in her chosen fields. The group forum page survive because of Melissa and the evolution into creating !! Tagged ArtLover Gallery !! came from her suggestion to have a single profile page for our members.
   She has kept the group alive, especially during those time when my computer shut down for a month or two. Taking care of the gallery by sending luvs, answering messages, and religiously greeting celebrants. The most surprising feat Melissa did for the group was compiling every detail Tagged ArtLover went through by writing a bulletin of our chronicle for the first anniversary celebration. She was indeed God send for the group for I could not have able to do all the big plans for the group without her. 
   The most touching part was when she was even reluctant to accept a job for it might conflict her time and devotion to our group activities. It was so selfless of her, knowing we are doing this for FREE. Being so true to our core vision to C.U.R.E.S. and the deep love for art. ArtLover? I can say, all the qualities are within my art partner Melissa.
   I had asked Melissa to go out from her comfort zone and create more meaningful artworks than just doing portraits (I myself is also guilty of), she had some great composition, but at times she had the tendency to play it safe. It is so nice to see, that lately she is pushing the limit of her creativity and are now coming up with her signature style. 
   What I would like to focus though here are her blog. Blog world had became a better place to visit since my friend Melissa came. Honestly, her blog had that specially quality that speaks from the heart without reservation. Depth, was an exact title for her blog, for deep within her innermost thoughts she is able to paint a beautiful landscape and seascape of her soul. There is always that touch of romantic nostalgia and the undeniable closeness to her faith. Central also her closeness to her supportive family and friends. Learning along the way and admitting the weakness of self. Depth is a blog worth revisiting for reflection, not just of one's self but of the world.
   From your partner in creative spirit...FherMission

   To visit Melissa's blog follow this link: 

   Tagged ArtLover would also like to thanks  Linda Flagg, Coenen Theo, Raymond K, Marzuhan, Shiela K, Suzana Dancks, Serena Flowers,  Maheshawar, Jessica Dancer and Babis Kiliaris and all its members for sharing there gift with us.



melissa said...

Geez... I never ever thought somebody could give me a eulogy this early :P THANK YOU partner...

You're one of my inspirations to continuously pour my heart out there...

I am very grateful to God... to you and this group :)

JIM said...

We come to praise Melissa not bury her!!!!
Melissa you know what I think of you as a writer, painter and most important as a person. If you do not you have not been listening so here it goes again!!! Geeze.. You have so much to give with all your talents all your passions and all your love. You are so very well rounded in all your passions that you truly amaze me!!! I wish we lived closer, hell I would settle for close lol. I would love to have you as a friend someone to invite to our home to eat, discuss and support each other. You are going to make a huge mark in this world someday and I am going to be smiling when you do.

melissa said...

Cheese Jim...thank you very much. You have been very supportive of me from the time we met and I am really grateful to have sincere friends such as you. Our friendship goes beyond the "you-scratch-my back-I-scratch-your yours" thing.