Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Artistic Relationship

As artist we have differences, it is almost inevitable for us to argue on petty things...we are mixture of different races with different faces...
Ana Roel Ramos
but in spite of it all when it comes to our artwork we sometimes seem to agree...on many things like...
We cherish our childhood...
George Jennings
Melissa Tansoc
the way we remember our mother;

Maheshwar Sinha
Fher Ymas

 and took our first lesson from home...
Heena Ahuja
Portia Burton
where we play beautiful music together.

Vince Roque
Aree M. Salvador-Marin
We acknowledge the bounty of the seas...
Jess Hubabib Najarro
Gavino Pascual
Lisa Aerts
But we sometimes go against the tides;

Pauline McCarthy
Suzana Dancks
When we say we believe in angels...
Frank Powell
Jerly Thingkingspace
it means we also believe in mermaids...

TianBian Ham
Tahira Lubrano
We make sure we see things clearly...
Maurice Dolezal
Robert Pearce
as we stick to our faith...

Niña Ceñir
Melissa  Tandoc
We stand tall in confidence...

Elena  Peichinova
We express our love passionately...

Linda Flagg
Jim Brandano
and reach out to others...
Sonja Dinkel
Although we're not afraid to show what we got...
Andrea V. Lisi
Rajeev Mishra
yet we sometimes hide behind the camera...

Hemant Kumar
Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor
Aaron Offord
As we race to our future...

Mari Sterling Wilbur
Serena Flowers
We enjoy the fruits of our labor

Jerome Osuna
Wilbert Custodio
we spread harmony and peace...
Seb Chua
Portia Burton
and fill the world with colors and shapes...
Lilian Canever
Carole Chichi
Patricia Silva
Oh well we...enough with the discussion...I'm running out of space
we'll just cross the 
bridge when we get there...

Babis Kikiaris
MaryPoet Rios


melissa said...

I truly loved and enjoyed this Fher... I didn't know you were a poet! Geez...I loved all the images you out in there...especially the love you've poured in to celebrate all these artists around. Oh how wonderful!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Fher - amazing job you did in bringing all our work together in such a poetic, beautiful, delightful way. I applaud you!

JIM said...

Thank You for including me in this wonderful piece!! To be included with some of the others is a honor!!!

baha zou said...

great job :)
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