Monday, August 1, 2011

Your Pictures Story by Fher

When I first look at it I thought they were people trapped inside an iceberg or something...intrigue though by the fiery glow....Maybe my mind was tooooo static at that time...having heard loud thunder outside and the excitement of another Typhoon coming as usual...anyway, this work by Aree M. Salvador-Marin was captivating and once she explained to me that it was actually two children setting the sail amidst open me to another story far from what I have in mind. People are like that...seeing the world according to what they believe it is. 
   Perception, somebody said was a "learn phenomenon" therefore we can change the way we feel...if we alter how we perceived things. Okay then what about this next photo that was share to us by our Spanish Senorita Ana Roel Ramos? 
   Drawing us...calling our attention to the other side...there is that light over there...what is beyond? But wait! There's a dark side...what if somebody is waiting there? To hit me with those scattered debris...
   Then, as I said perception can be I will think of something else. Like romance. This would be a nice rendezvous to meet a secret love. Now if I would be a surveyor...this would just be another building needing repair. 
   But I am an artist....I saw beauty in spite of the history unfolding, where secret's was once whispered here. 
   you're the answer to every question I've ever had about love... 
(An exerpt from Alpana Prasad poetry)

   Then the real story can actually be revealed in the streets where I met the Old lady Aaron Offord shared to me..."it was an afternoon chat in the park..." Aaron said and he continues "The lady said that house by the hill was haunted by a ghost named Melissa..." 
   Visually the image painted by Portia Burton came to my mind....

      "His father Maheshawar was so strict to the poor young lady...while piping his cigar he would say..."You can't leave this house young lady!!!"

   So the poor young girl named Melissa can't do anything but to lock herself in her room and cried...
   One night Melissa heard a beautiful music....she look outside and there she found in the garden, a man playing violin...his name is Vince.
   But father heard it he threaten the violinist "Don't come here anymore in our garden...or I will kill you." and so since then the young man never return again...and this made Melissa the more lonely....all her dreams of a Jim Brandano Wedding Photography would never be a reality any more. 
   SO she cried and day Melissa can't be found anymore...all they found was a yellow flower that suddenly appeared in their garden...
   I asked "You mean the same yellow flower in Mari Sterling's garden?"

   "That was what the old lady in the park told me." Aaron said.
   "Oh Aaron you are getting crazy story for too much walking in the streets..." I said. "Let's go to Aabhisek Panda maybe he can make a film out of this..."

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Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Very, very creative!! Grand idea and extremely well put together! Love it!