Friday, August 19, 2011

Latest Images from Art Lovers

I've seen some pretty good artworks this past days and weeks...Oh maybe "good" is an understatement. Well, excellent art works and therefore worth sharing...I'll try to haunt them down, since our Facebook page run faster than my  laptop. I hope I can immortalized it here...that is, if will exist farther into eternal life...
   Here are some of them...I'm not going to express in words why I like these collections...I'll simply let these pictures speak for itself. 

by  Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor

by Maheshwar N. Sinha
by Elena Peichinova

by Portia Burton

by Aaron Offord

    By the way, the above image I have downloaded a month ago but have forgotten who made it...sorry! Anyway, if anyone of you happen to know, please tell me so I can add the caption. I like it so much. 
   That's all for now...that's all my computer can handle at this time.