Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pauline McCarthy

Hi folks, greetings from Iceland! Thank you for allowing me into your inner sanctum :) I have been a performing artist most of my life while travelling the world doing voluntary work. About 5 years ago I was ill and confined to bed for 6 months, to pass the time I started watching dvd's on learning how to oil paint. When I was better I picked up brush and started painting and discovered my inner artist :) I had been teaching flower arranging for many years so already had some sense of colour. The greatest gift learning to paint gave me was opening my eyes to the variety and subtetly of colour in our surroundings. Before I could see things but I did not observe them. A whole new world opened up to me :)

I have a wee bit of a hyperactivity condition and usually get so excited to pass the paintings onto the commissioner that I forget to take photographs of them. I guess I have painted about 45 but have only taken photo's of 16 of them, you can see them here: http://www.facebook.com/media/​set/?set=a.43412853224.42317.6​20553224

As you can see I am not much of a photographer :) Perhaps that is what I will learn next time I am ill in bed for a long time :)

For the last couple of years I have been developing an idea for the most amazing global art and photography project. It is a non profit project to help unite the world in peace and encourage environmental awareness. Problem is I am having trouble getting the web site finished. I know diddly squat about techie things :( Do any of you know of any grants I could apply for so that I can pay for a professional programmer? Or do any of you know how to work with wordpress?

Anyhoo! It is called 2012 Project 12 and you can see what is up so far of the web site at : 2012project12.com and you can read my blog 2012project12.wordpress.com or even pre-sign up at our facebook event page:http://www.facebook.com/event.​php?eid=177802045595037

I am currently reading how to paint with water colours. I am very interested in working with mixed mediums. I mean very mixed mediums. When someone tells me "That does not go with that" I get so excited and think "Now how can I get those to work together!" :)

I look forward to getting to know you folks and being inspired by your art.

LoVe Pauline (a.k.a. Poliana)

some of Pauline's works...

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हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Very nice and appriciable work...good and attractive colors .....
Best wishes.