Sunday, March 6, 2011


    The core value we have set are spelled in five simple words C.U.R.E.S. -- Create Unite Respond Enlighten Share; it isn't really grand or too remote to be achieved it is the basic of human relation. We live for others, and if NOT we deny our own creative spirit to experience the joy of being part of a society.   
   We build and all these may gone to ashes we see the evidences around us in great turmoil because of personal interest and secluded groupings. Our group aims to collapse that boundary regardless of affiliation and non-affiliation. The reality is REAL because in our very own beliefs and the value we form within us we tend to debase others not in sync with our path. The blacks will always be black and the whites we always be white...But as artist we understood that if we join these two element we created a new color...a new mind set perhaps, that at first glance seems neither black nor white...but a little understanding will bring us to the core of the conflict, which is not conflicting at all if we look at it at aesthetic value. 
   Do you see gray as smudges or shades?The choice is yours.
  There will always be differences, and that unique quality is evident within our siblings. We came from the same womb yet differ in taste. Let others paint like Michaelangelo or Raphael but please don't ridicule others if they paint like Van Gogh or Picasso or vice versa. 
   I always look at the world as a living canvass, creative outpouring of  a collective human geniuses and frailty. What makes us beautiful is our tendencies to be "human"  yet divine in the likeness of God. What likeness is that? Our ability to create and appreciate an Art work. That shared ability was lend to us by The Ultimate Creator to experience the joy of creating.     
   If I could just offer my hand to paint a canvass filled with all these different colors in spite of the stains it will leave and to inhale the toxic pigment outside of me may have not realized; I would gladly lay down my personal health painting long long as we watch together in harmony the unfolding of a picture our differences created. 

   To all Art Lover...peace in the swirls and strokes in varied directions.


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hi fher. you got great ideas on how to do your artlover connect blog. hope there will be more genuine artlovers joining this club..