Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artwork: Moh'Shaker! Shoutout from Anne, Melissa, Brian, Julio...etc...


.! . anne . ! Thank u everyone for all the concerns.. we`re ok! the radiation here in Gunma is normal.. School, supermarkets & people still working. If anything happens, our government is ready for some evacuations etc., but before that to happen we`re going home to the Phil. anytime. Thank God for His provision!!!

"BRIAN'S ENTERPRISES",.BRIAN SWIFT "Hope Everyone In "TOKYO",.."JAPAN" Recieves an early intervention from (God Himself),...Thats been my prayer from the beginning.He created everything and everything belongs to him,the world and all that is therein,and When he does intervein he can change the course of events from getting worse,if its his will to do so.(We came into the world with nothing,and thats how we will depart),The only valuable things we can bring are memories,and the love from him in our hearts.

melissa*MDS#133 ONE W U IN PRAYERS am appealing to our government and philippine embassy in japan... there are many in sendai who have no water... no place to stay in... PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!

Julio Unicornio Cuanto menos te lo esperas, te espera lo inesperado...

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