Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Inspiring Aaron Outward

What would you do if you found out you had an acute Leukemia? Hit the streets, Take photographs and write an inspiring blog. That is exactly what you will discover on Aaron Outward: A Reflective Glimpse into my Ongoing Journey with Acute Leukemia , daily this blog chronicles street scene according to his very keen eye. The blog aims to do 365 days of photos that on my own opinion often taken for granted, but by having them caught on film caught our attention to take a deeper look. The same way Aaron photograph images in reflective detail of what is inside his heart in that moment.
   The blog is full of reflections and lessons learned along the way while capturing amazing composition of endearing photographs. There is also a page dedicated about his struggle as a Leukemia victim and some tips and link to assist people about the disease, like how to manage an active lifestyle during Chemotherapy and My Secret to beating Chemotherapy.  
   The amusing thing about this blog is how he manage to give us anecdote with a touch of humor. Aaron also able to clear some myth and fallacy by giving us medical detail on laymen terms. He was able to explain complex process and definitions in easy to understand English is an amazing feat. Perhaps, experiencing the pain almost daily will give you the enlightenment to at least know what it going on inside you. 
   Winning a "Bloscar" for Most Helpful Blog says it all.

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melissa said...

this is fitting to a person who's inspiration goes a long way from his sickness to his blogs and photography...


Aaron said...

i had never seen this before but you humble me with such kind words. Thank you for this :)