Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Desire (Poetry by Leigh-Anne and Art by Fher)

What I Desire
Leigh-Anne Desjardins
November 9, 2009 at 5:22pm

Soft, sweet and sensual words of comfort
Forming melodies to soothe the lonely soul
That tender touch to penetrate the body
Something that beats the heart to feel whole

cold nights by Fher Ymas
Beautiful, precious are lyrics so sweet
Baby, darling with a positive tongue to whisper
Embracing your cheeks to gaze into your eyes
As small glistening tears begin to cry

Passion, warmth and soul based affection
Dedication, ecstasy with a delicate touch
Attracted with patience engaging no thought
Cuddling to your mind that is distraught

Breathing while entranced into the moment
The look of deep pure devotion calming your spirit
His enchanting smile speaking comfort to you
Brings you calming serenity which is overdue

Overcoming the life long fears which you battle
He shows you that this doesn't have to exsist
Will he be the one to conquer your sadness
Where loneliness became your lifes madness

Trusting the flight of freedom from your pain
Combining two solidated hearts to conquer
Where one single loving glance from his pure eyes
His tender touch on your cheek, as your fear dies

Copyright © 
Written by Me

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melissa said...

I've read most of your poems Silent Serenity and somehow this one touches that deep sense of longing inside each one of us.

I loved it... your heart speaks...