Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rebirth of ArtLovers

Once an artist will always be an artist. A friend of mine, once told me that even if you cut a painters hand, he will still find ways to express himself artistically. Years later I realized the truth in that expression...
   Although an artist may venture into other field, or join another school of discipline, the artist in him/her will still flourish and shine. 
   Hereby, I will present to you works from some of Tagged ArtLover friends who in one way or another hibernate for awhile or re-emerges from a metamorphic renewal in their creative lives.
   One of the original founding member of Tagged ArtLover Group, is my dear Amiga Andrea V. Lisi, she had been absent on the art scene for quite a long time, and that I was truly happy to see her with new sets of artworks again...

I also would like to mention some of our members who have found new vigor in venturing into drawings again which she admits had taken a backseat for quite sometimes...Here's the renewed passion from Manisha Bathia:

    I also would like to mention a work by Simran Kaur one of my favorite blogger and here she said is just a trial, and hopefully we see more of her work soon:

   We've seen how Autumn Eliza excel in her artistry day by day, and here is her latest charcoal piece: 

   Definitely not in hibernation but is very much involve in his art is Jess Hubahib Najarro but nonetheless I would like to highlight his latest piece  for this update: 

Blog on Focus:
Photos by Jan
Photos of random items. Some reflecting a mood I am in, others for the shear joy of it. Challenge and persistence in finding that perfect shot, without manipulating the situation is key for me. No lessons here, I don't have the knowledge to teach. (Click here to visit the Blog)

Eating Life Raw by Leah Griffith

My PhotoEver since I was a little girl I've always wished for things that I didn’t have. Things like: a beautiful singing voice, long legs, and strong nails—Oh, and a great dad. I was constantly comparing myself to the girls on TV, or in those glossy fashion magazines, which left me feeling dissatisfied with my life and never quite up to par. Well, now I’m saying "screw it" to all the things that I will never have! I, Leah Griffith, intend to embrace my life by pushing through the illusions and the lies in order to find out exactly what I do have. I'm going to take a good stab at eating life raw! It probably won't be pretty, but it's definitely better than living my life wishing I were somebody else.

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Mani said...

Fher thanks so much again, u promote ny simple art trust me that really motivates.

Life has 1000 reasons to be hapy bt sometimes few reasons just pierece so badly in heart that u feel like ur true self is diminishing n I believe bounced back to me in those days again.

Feeling great again I am connected n then wen buddies like u motivate I feel happy n reassured that there is lot f support arround n I shud continue...
Thanks Fher!


Andy David said...

Hello Fher.
Recognition, no matter how small or where it comes from does wonders for one's morale. Thank you for doing this. Good luck to those mentioned in this post and to everyone one else who has not given up on whatever their passion of choice may be.

melissa said...

From time to time, I'd visit our page and see something new and exciting :)

I truly thank you Fher for your unfailing support to artists. Our page has come a very long way and I've been journeying with you for almost two years and a half now. It's wonderful to see your enthusiasm growing by encouraging more people to CURES :)

Congratulations to everybody. Grow in the art :)