Friday, April 20, 2012

ArtLover's Amiga Andrea

It's just a click away to meet people in the internet world. Some friends come and goes like soft drifting sand...while others remain there among your list of friends, yet they are just mere icons and numbers. 
   There are also friends who would constantly "like" your post and sometimes make some comment But there are friends who mark so deep, they inspire you...they are treasures to keep, and among them is our Dearest Amiga, no other than Ms. Andrea V. Lisi from Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina (I have to make that complete because she will get mad at me. Just kidding, she is a proud Argentinian and we would usually discuss about her beloved motherland, politics, and some cultural exchanges too...)

   For the benefit of our recent Tagged ArtLovers, Amiga Andrea is one of the founding member from our original Tagged Page and had contributed a lot in keeping that site rolling and active up until now, religiously posting comments, sending luvs, and tags. 
   She's also one of those person who remind us on Birthday celebrants and would ask that their artworks be featured. Now it's time for us to greet her on this special day...

By the way Andrea also introduce to me Argentina's National beverage called Yerba Mate

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melissa said...

¡feliz cumpleaƱos! Fher shared this to me this morning :) I hope your day is as bright as you are. I haven't connected to you nor to our Tagged page for a long, long while. I need some space to breathe and take in other assignments til 2016.

All the love and blessings in the world Andrea :* We love you :*