Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Pick 007

Jess Hubahib Najarro

****Dennis Tresvalles****

****Galia Tcherkezova****

******Jan Neal******

After I told him about my life and the trials I'm having right now, he said to me," I am not sure how you managed to get here and are not curled up in a little ball somewhere screaming. The average person would be so overwhelmed they would fall apart." My answer, "This is the way my life has always been, you just do what you have to do to cope and get through it." I asked how am I depressed, I go all the time, I take time for myself at least a couple times a week to go take pictures and be alone, my house is clean and I don't spend all day in bed. I don't feel like I am depressed.

******Heena Ahuja******

Sometimes love is what you need,
Sometimes love isn't enough to heal;
Sometimes all you need is someone to hear u,
Sometimes all you want is to be aloof;
Sometimes happiness is what you long for,
Sometimes happiness can't ease your pain!

Sometimes you wish your dreams to come true,
Sometimes you wish them to be a nightmare;
Sometimes laughter can heal your heart,
Sometimes laughter can tear you apart;
Sometimes home is a place you search for,
Sometimes you wish to run away from that place!

Sometimes ignorance is a bliss,
Sometimes ignorance is what you cant tolerate;
Sometimes hope gives you the fighting spirit,
Sometimes even the slightest ray of hope seems lost;
Sometimes you need to get healed from your sickness,
Sometimes all you wish is a release from your life!

Alas! Sometimes; sometimes is just ain't enough!

*****Fame Media*****


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