Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Pick 005

Simran Kaur

Murky Muse
Glittering shingles,
I walked on,
Leaving my footprints as residue of my presence,
Soothing waves brushing my hairs,
I can feel the  pleasure,
The treasure of moments I lived ,
Sitting at shore,
Closing eyes,
Melody enchanting in my heart,
I attained peace,
But that Silent Sunset is asking me ,
''Are You Setting Down As Me?'' 

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Hea Abrantes
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Shanelle Loraine

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Nancy Lamm

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1 comment:

Simran said...

Hi FherYmas,
Thank you so much enlightening my post on your sweet blog :)
I'm so happy ...
I'l be back here soon..
Take care :)