Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abhisek's Network

We don't usually do this...I mean pick an entire blog site to feature but instead get an interesting piece here & there for consumption or sharing; BUT I feel this site is worth to be shared for being dynamic, creative, and well, lessen your busy browsing time and direct you to a mini map where to get all updates...if you're an Abhisek fan like me.
   What's on this site anyway? 
   First, there's a real-time updates of Abhisek's twits.
   Then there's the listing of his fan pages.
   Then get an overview from his blogs, all four of them. 
   Who can top that cyber visibility?  
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Abhisek's Network

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I like to swim against the tide.I like creating my own way..I am very friendly though.I Write about Filmmaking,Art,Poem,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Film editor and Digital artist by profession..Join me :)

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Abhisek said...

Hey Fher this is a big surprise.Thanks for featuring my poor little blog here.It's always an honor to be featured here at Art Lover Group.First CG Magic and now this blog...awesome. :)