Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Pick 001

As usual, Tagged ArtLover is always on the look out for fresh, innovative, and something we consider worth-sharing...Just like in Youtube where they presents Viral Videos. We also attempt to give you what we consider viral among our members. 
   Here are the first sets of our Random Pick coming from our members...

George Jennings
Many people are using my greeting cards as thank you cards for business and personal contacts and some people are starting to purchase them to use as non-traditional holiday cards to send out to their Christmas card list this year! I hope you will consider doing that too. Order them now at a new lower price:

Alpana Jaiswal
(This is an excerpt from MOTIFS ON THE WALL: So much for my happy ending)

“I Love you”…the three most overused, misused and misunderstood words in the English language.
Have you ever loved someone so much that the earth moved? Even though it hurt, did you love like there is nothing else your heart wants??

I know how it feels to cry in the shower, so that no one hears me…I know how it feels to wait until everybody is sleeping and then I can fall apart…I know how it feels when everything hurts so bad that you just want to end it all…

Portia Burton

My watercolour painting of a house in the 'lake district',northwest England -- Portia Burton

Jess Hubahib Najarro

Jim Brandano

White is considered a neutral color! If you add a splash of it to a canvas of blue, as in this image of a solitary egret standing in a blue lake on a early morning in Sanibel Florida, I think you have a great but simple combination of colors.

Maurice Dolezal

"snoopy my mate"

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melissa said...

I like your choices of artworks from our friends :)... now, I'm off to the next one :) It's the first time I heard of viral videos... but this is one virus I'd like to catch :P