Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Pick 002

Continuing Tagged ArtLover's quest to share images and words you don't see nor read anywhere else but only among our members...

Jerly Thinkingspace
Isn’t it so obvious who the real menace here really are! It is the overpopulated human race which doesn't even spare the fruits in the forest that is the food for the monkeys! . And then we want to "Family Plan" for the monkeys!
(excerpts from Thinking Space: We The Monkeys)

Maheshwar N. Sinha

i 'm very considerate about colors...i like you've noticed it. one of good painting's job is to please viewers eyes, i do not think its wise to make your look deliberately or consciously ugly. no one want it, after mirror, but man/woman do it in order to achieve beauty... similarly, as an painter , when i do it, i try it come across me in simple manner... a simple girl is always beautiful, you know! -- Sinha

Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor

A watercolor rendition of a Malay lady dressed in traditional attire during a village festival. What I love is the floral patterns on her clothes and all kind of colors that you can see even in the background.

Hea Abrantes

Mari Sterling Wilbur

Using color schemes in photography is as important as using them in artwork. Color schemes can add interest, excitement, solitude or peace to your images. Using color schemes is very important in clothing worn in family photos. Look for color schemes in nature and take advantage of them when snapping your images.
(taken from Photography Tips)

Wan Maznah Wan Mohamad

(Now, here's a beautiful presentation of a Chicken's destiny.-- TAG Admin.)

(Taken from Cooking Varieties)


Jerly said...

very thoughtful pick of words..Among these my favourite was Maheshwars words and the floral dressed woman..:)

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Thank you for including me! Understanding the use of Color is as important to photographers as it is to artists :D

I love Syed's digital art!