Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Pick 22: Events To Watch and Much More

For today's Random Pick we are presenting some of the latest buzz within Tagged ArtLover Group's circle of Friends. Like Vince Roque's on-line show, Ed Gamo's latest upgrade as a Lensman, and Dong-A Tour in Obando, Bulacan. Featured artworks on our pick are from Janet Weight Reed, Pablo Baen Santos, and Richard Benito. Our Blog Pick is "You Rape a Woman Everyday " from Manisha's When I Was Lost In Me....and many more....

Vince Roque's Virtual One-Man Show

Dong-A Tour in Obando

Art Pick

Pablo Baen Santos

Janet Weight Reed

Photography Pick


You Rape A Woman Everyday
by Mani

   Yes, I remember it was last in July, a month before Independence Day when the shameful crime of Guwhati molestation took place in India, I don’t need to repeat the story for there are endless stories rather cases exposing gruesome death of humanity rather bare shamelessness laughing at our helplessness. Helplessness? O! yes in some way when I or we women feel to be safe rather than enjoying our freedom (equal freedom fought equally by women too in British era), at least I often prefer to be at home. Yes I do...just because I want to be safe...I everyday kill my freedom in various forms with my own hands & I know when I will become a mother one day...I will be more insecure & will be killing my daughter’s freedom & if I have a son I will make sure he grows up and becomes an example. (Read More Here)

Photographer's Pick

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