Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Pick 21 (Dynamic Update on TAGroup)

Did you miss our blog? Sorry for the inactivity but we had a life outside the Net you know. Well, again as promised (hmmmm maybe I should stop making promises) Tagged ArtLover Group had pledge for its members to give them the maximum exposure possible on whatever endeavour they wish to be known, or gain an extra advantages on their bussiness venture or simply earn more Likes on their art and blog post. And Hey all of these for Free!!! 
So once again, here we are presenting our 21st Random Pick: Poem by Portia Burton, John Paul Kline's page and a venue where Nude painter converge, then Art works from Mark Anthony Bello, Teodoro Santos, Karmina Fernandez, and Roy Sarmiento. On Events to watch: Fernando Amorsolo Day this coming May 30, 2013. Plus blog of note from Martha Murdy Orlando and Becky Owen's "The Happiness Group"





Blog Pick
"Practice Makes (almost) Perfect" from Meditations of my Heart

To become better at any task or skill, we must practice it. The same goes for our Christian walk. Are you hearing the Word of the Lord and putting it into practice every day? If so, your foundation will be rock solid. You can shine the light of Christ into the lives of those around you. You can abide in His peace which passes all understanding. (Read More...)

Poetry Pick
Portia Burton
United Kingdom

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JP's Art Studio

Events Pick

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PORTIA said...

This is fab! Thanks for including my little poem!
-Portia Burton