Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bringing More ArtLover Insider

   Tagged ArtLover Group recognized the dedication of our followers here and to our other sites and decided to bring your blog to a wider audience by sharing them here too. In the beginning we have chosen only to share your blogs on Tagged ArtLover Connection under Blog Promotion page. We saw this need to bring our members more closer to our avid members  via Tagged ArtLover Fan Page where we usually share our links. 
   Our Tagged profile gallery allows only limited websites and among them is facebook, so by sharing these blog to our fan page, Tagged ArtLover Gallery members and friends get to see also your blog and create an awareness to your articles and sites. 
Join Us on Tagged
   At the moment we have selected only few sites which the administrator consider have earn enough of our trust and is now a full pledge Tagged ArtLover Member. We are also considering of sharing your blog in our profile gallery. If you have a tagged account we would be please to add you as our friend. Here is our URL link if you are want to be a member: 
  By joining Tagged ArtLover Gallery you get to share your blog to our members who had opted not to use Facebook networking site. Currently we boast more than 900 members including our separate  group forum page which is another possibility to gave our followers more mileage. Our members there are very willing to add you too as friend and share their ideas as well.   
   Here are the following blogs that you will soon see on this site
   Soon we shall be including more sites so stay tune for further announcement.

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