Wednesday, October 3, 2012


“My style to painting feels the impressionism and realism. Most of my works are of human interest influenced by the environment I lived for and people I encounter”. 

Lito is a native of San Pablo City, Laguna wherein the famous Seven Lakes can be found. He is married and his wife is a teacher in a private international school in San Pablo City and had two lovely daughters, who happens to be young artists also. Lito studied B.S. Fine Arts in Philippine Women’s University major in Painting under Prof. Eric Presado and Ibarra dela Rosa.
At present, he is a full time painter and an art teacher. Experienced in and capable to do murals, Trompe- L’ Oeil, portraits, water color painting and digital background artist for animation. He worked as Background Artist for Disney Animation for TV series like, Tarzan, Buzz Light year, Aladdin and House of Mouse, etc. Furthermore, he is skilled in the use of all major painting media such as acrylic, watercolor, tempera, gouache and oil. Adept in all illustration techniques learned from BG trainer. 

Lito Brion Ballaran
San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

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