Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Pick 018 (Figure)

   Artist fascinations with the human anatomy will be the focus of our latest Random Pick...we had George Jennings, Andy F. Pernia, Maurice Dolezal, Arnel Mirasol, Joseph Sarmiento, Mark Anthony Bello and some tips on Figure drawing from Rey P. Nioco's album...more figure drawings to include so keep on painting Art Lovers. Plus on Blog Pick is from Martha Murdy Orlando. 

George Jennings

Andy F. Pernia

Mark Anthony Bello

Maurice Dolezal

Arnel Mirasol

Joseph Sarmiento

   For art lover's who desire to be adept in figure drawings here are some tips on Rey P. Nioco's album: Figure Drawing without a Model (by Ron Tiner)

   I'm not sure if this blog pick would be related in any way to our topic on "Figure" but anyway our blog endorsement for today is:

"But, if We Are the Body, Why Aren't His Arms Reaching . . ."

By Martha Murdy Orlando
    "Well, sir, if I belong to the Body like you say, I must be the little finger on the hand. It ain't good for much, and neither am I."

   "Hold on a minute! That little finger is more important than you think. Had a buddy when I was a teenager who had his pinky and ring finger chopped off in an accident. Before that happened, he used to be a fantastic basketball player. Guess what?"
   "Without that pinky, he couldn't make lay-ups anymore. The ball would just roll out of his hand. Don't you think those pro-basketball folks pulling down the big bucks see great value in their little fingers?" Read entire Blog here

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