Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Pick 016 (Color Play)

Our theme will centers on Color Play on this Pick...selected works from Janet Weight Reed, Edith Smith Cawang, Rica Barba, JP Brandano Photography, Sorin Dumitrescu, Carmen Simon Flack, Rodolfo Samonte, Lyudmila Nesterova and on Blog Pick is from Linda Lee and suggested FB page to Like is World Photographers Net. 

   Here you'll see how these artisan handles the color with brave mixing of colors to compliment each other and their understanding of their own element.

watercolor on paper by Janet Weight Reed

The Bridge by Edith Smith B. Cawang

True Colors by Rica Barba

Sorin Dumitrescu

Carmen Simon Flack

Lyudmila Nesterova

JPBrandano Photography as seen on What are Kids doing in Art-Deco

Rodolfo Samonte

Suggested Site To Visit

The following are just few of the images that I personally liked...

from left to right...Kria Zsan, Jegma M. Dimaano, and Anabelle Ferber 

Blog Pick
Faerie Wisdom by Linda Lee (blog from Dangerous Linda)
Faeries, like fireflies and hummingbirds, never cease to amaze me, no matter how many times I see them!  I’ve noticed I’m more likely to catch a glimpse of a faerie in the garden before 5AM, and also before I put in my contact lenses.  Like this morning, for example, it starts with a case of pre-dawn insomnia… 

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Dangerous Linda said...

dear fher,

love the artwork -- i will visit some new sites today as a result!

thank you so much for honoring me by including my work with these talented artists! XOXO

PORTIA said...

Great collection!