Friday, July 13, 2012

ArtLover's Random Pick 015

For this pick we had Syano Artlink, Gine de Loyola, Kriti Mukherjee's, Nelieta Mischenko, Linda Della Donna, Pages from We Have a Story Philippines, and Isabelle Man... Derek Jones's Bloggers Network. Plus Visit Delhi. 

   Congratulations to Nelieta  Mishchenko for winning 1st Place on Fine Art America for "Sunset Over the Harbour" ...

Syano Artlink


12ft. x 18ft.



for more info. email at:

Gine de Loyola

The above work is from Gine's Morabex Mountain Series, click HERE to see more...

Linda Della Donna

Here are some Facebook Page to Like...

Isabelle Man

 Retail and Consumer Merchandise. We import, market and distribute artistic designer and lifestyle digital/handphone/laptop/iPad/tablet accessories products for your online shopping pleasure. We offer FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia. You can find out more about us at

Profile Picture

Visit Delhi

A Group for the people who love New Delhi & India; 

It has all the information about Delhi and its surrounding destinations for all the travelers to India.

Blog Picks

Wanted: A Surrogate Mother by Kriti Mukherjee

Thanks Surrogate – the birth of a baby
Janki’s parents, who are residents of Calcutta, came to Delhi to meet the short-listed doctors and were pleasantly surprised at their confidence. They finally went with the doctor who showed the maximum promise. An egg donor was chosen, Subroto’s sperm was collected and another surrogate was called upon. With the help of these three people Janki was finally blessed with a son. He was a perfect cherub with flawless features, born out of many people and the answer to several fervent utterances to the Heavens above.
Read The Entire Blog HERE
You may also visit Kriti's Site: Social Potpourri 

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