Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Pick 010

The Holiday season made all of us preoccupied with so many things and our month long 2nd year anniversary celebration video perhaps had drained my creative I was not able to visit our members wall and re-share some interesting post for you...
   Anyway, as usual I gather some quick images like artworks and photos that caught my attention these past days and some interesting blogs too...

Andy F. Pernia

Autum Eliza

Here are suggested must see images from Autumn Eliza's blog...

 Please see it on

Hea Abrantes

Simran Kaur
(Excerpt from Sparkle)
One night gazing up at dark sky sparkling with stars she smiled when she saw a cascading star. A tear rushed down on her cheek as she closed her eyes. She made a wish ''Please, make all misunderstandings clear. He doesn’t know what the reality is and how madly I love him! I can't wait for him any more...I'll die!''

As she opened her eyes, found him standing before with tears in his eyes. She was surprised and glad to see him and wanted to have those tight pair of arms but his staring eyes stopped her from doing so. After a long deep breathe holding her hand he said, ''I'm so sorry for not believing in you and for those words disgruntled you! I'm sorry my dear .Being away from you I realized your worth in my life and how immensely I love you. You're the sparkle of my life...Enlightened my each day with the lustrous happiness .Being apart from you I came to know that I've lost the sparkle of my life (you). Forgive me and replace the shade of darkness with the sparkle of your love and light.''
She smiled and forgave him with mutual promise of love and faith!

Shout by:
Sheena Dalida

No matter how bad your heart has been broken the world doesn’t stop for your 

grief. The sun comes right back up the next day. Gudpm :)

A video shared by:

Kaye Lasola

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Autumn Eliza said...

Many thanks for recommending my blog. I've just started blogging and need all such encouragement.
Autumn Eliza