Saturday, July 30, 2011

Latest Arts and Blogs

It's hard to keep track of what's happening and are the latest works from our members...lately we received very interesting paintings and even blogs  that keep our page rolling. Thank you guys for the unconditional sharing. I'll try to list here some of them, in case you missed them the first time. 
   Our members had been very supportive to other artist as they post works from other creatives too. Here is a sample of that sharing posted by Vince Roque, a work from fellow Filipino artist R. Alcantara 
Acid Swim by Rolly Alcantara
   "Langoy sa Asido" or Acid Swim is a mixed-media piece...this one may have been inspired by the recent fish-kill from various part of the Philippine Archipelago. This takes us to wonder if we are really good steward of our planet.  
   Now here's another work that is currently making some thread. Although we maybe united in our ideals of uplifting the arts, of course you can not discount the possibilities of some exchanges of ideas that are not totally aligned with each other...yet through it all we still meet in the end (I hope). 

by Maheshawar N. Sinha

      Let us also welcome our latest member Tahira Lobrano from Rotterdam, Netherlands...
 Hello hello everyone!! I'm new here, but I've already seen so many lovely work floating around. So cool! If you're curious at my work, just have look at my page. Looking forward to  see more of your work! Ciao Xx
baby mermaid by Tahira Lobrano

   Portia Burton show us her latest work that took her a month to finished. She said she was a bit somber creating this and Shakespeare's line is ringing on her mind..."All comes to dust..." 
by Portia Burton

   Also presenting to you some of nice blogs that I've found from our contributor:
Aaron Offord's blog streetogOFFY is taking us to a familiar path... that's the link to a one particular blog with images that struck me most. Unforgettable....An afternoon chat in the park.


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